City Of Heroes
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Featured Hero #24
Name: Oktober Storm
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Primary: Energy Blast
Secondary: Energy Manipulation
Server: Guardian
On Dec. 21st, 2021, at 9:12 am - as foretold in the Mayan "Long Count" - 95% of the world, its people and their civilizations, were suddenly destroyed. The reigning superpower, the Russian Imperial Republic, was gone. But in the months following The Last Day, the Russian survivors managed to scrape together the resources required to rebuild their temporal displacement engine, with power enough to send one man back in time to prevent the cataclysm. That man was agent Ngemi Andropov, a young, middle-tier and unspectacular security agent... the only person alive even remotely qualified for the mission: the assassinations of the grandfather of Archon-Duke Chandos, and of Lord Recluse himself - the two men most directly responsible for the end of the world. On Oct. 25th, 2023, at 11:35 pm, armed with a decommissioned version of the STRM Battle Suit, Andropov was sent to Paragon City in what was once the United States of America, to carry out his dark charge.

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Liz [userpic]
Shirts on unamee! :D

Shirt promo!

Designs are up from now thru Thursday 3/12!

Shirts are $11-16, Hoodies are $30.

men's S-5X, ladies's XS-3X, children's XS-XL

I will make my new designs available on RedBubble after the sale, and try to get some more in relatively soon. I do want to at least add Vigilante and Rogue to the mix, and get versions of all the Archetypes and possibly Origins up there, too.
I intended to take the designs down at some point, and may still, but wanted to get thru all the ATs before I took any options away. Then there was my super busy summer...

Laridian [userpic]
Mystery Men

Watched Mystery Men last night and it reminded me (again) so much of City and how you could come up with any name, costume and character concept and it was all good.

Liz [userpic]
Shirts again upcoming on Unamee

Hey guys, a head's up (if you're like me and check LJ once a week now...sadface), my assorted CoX shirts will be appearing on again starting Thursday this week, running thru Wednesday next. I have four new designs in addition to the three 5-character shirts, Statesman and Ghost Widow. Haven't gotten the final word on shirt colors yet, but the designs are: Hero (blue star), Villain (black spider on red), the Weekend Hamidon, and Mother Mayhem.

Unamee shirts are $11-16 and also will be offering hoodies for $30 this time around.

Mother Mayhem
the Weekend Hamidon

Kelly [userpic]
Purpled Out Warshade

Does anyone remember the quote about "purpled out warshade" and possibly also "casual player"?

I can't remember quite how it went, and it's now relevant in a thread on the Neverwinter forum. :P

Thanks in advance!

Q. Veldurn [userpic]
Having my doubts

Before I get started, I want to make it clear that I'm very happy for the news involving the City of Heroes IP. Though talks are still in progress, if the game itself does come back in a sort of maintenance mode, it will be exactly what everyone was asking for.

But (personal thoughts ahead)Collapse )

Dave Van Domelen [userpic]
The Mask Comes Off

Negotiations with NCSoft have gotten far enough along they can be talked about publicly.

deathtopoetry [userpic]
3D Character Modeling

I really wish I'd heard about this sooner.  This is a Kickstarter to 3D Print Your Custom Game Character.  As is, I don't think they will reach their goal.

Vulpoid [userpic]

Is anyone playing, even though it is *shudder* NCSOFT?

What server/realm is anyone on?

Does anyone have a guild?

I might just rebuild my Dark/Super Reflexes Main from 7 years of COX as a Mordesh Stalker....

Liz [userpic]
Shirt sale, reminder!

It's the last two days to grab my nine City of Heroes shirts at for $11 in sizes up to 5x! Don't miss your chance!

more previews inside!Collapse )

Liz [userpic]
Holy crap more shirts!

Please excuse this super short post, I'm in Minnesota for ConVergence!

Back in April my two City shirts were featured on, and they asked for me to do several more for a weekly album. Somehow I managed to fill that order and they're being featured now thru the 10th! Just as before they start at $11 and go to size 5x. (thru the 10th!)

Also thru August I'm featuring those designs, variants and stickers etc on my Redbubble site. I have more to add when I return home, like single archetype and alignments.

So in addition to the hero and vilsin designs there are seven new ones including:

(Nemesis the Original Brony is my favorite.)
Also, apologies again because I'm only on a phone for this.)

And I'm tickled because Matt "Positron" Miller has seen and remarked on the Brony shirt.

Use code 04JUL2014 for 15% off at Redbubble!

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