City Of Heroes
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Featured Hero #50
Name: Lady Abigail
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Primary: Broadsword
Secondary: Regeneration
Server: Victory
Abigail Talonfist is from another dimension and from another time era. She came to Paragon City not by choice but through a desperation attack that caused her life. While she lived in the 13th century in her homeworld, she was a warrior sorcerer bent on getting revenge for her fallen comrades hunting a local murderer, instead she got both the comrades murderer and an otherdimensional being at that. Though the murdering wizard escaped, Abi had to deal with the Envoy of shadows. Through a bloody scuffle, her last attack changed her forever. Now in Paragon she awakens from a tombstone in Moth Cemetery as a living spectre on a new path of wage war agaisnt the CoT.

With finally stopping the CoT, Abi now tries to find her way back home. She presently has stepped down as a super hero in order to help MAGI research magical artifacts that may send Abi back to her right time and dimension,but when called to action by her peers, The Nocturnal Misfits, or other heroes in need, she takes up her mantle and sword to put a stop on peril in Paragon City.

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That Guy Over There [userpic]
The Devil's Accountant

The Grand Experiment.

I have created a new character on Virtue.
My plan is to see how much Influence I can make without ever getting into a fight.
No fighting, No XP, just trading.

I started out by skipping the tutorial and then begging until someone gave me one influence.
Just one was all I needed, then I was off to Wentworth's.

Shopped around and was able to buy a Mathematical Proof for 1 influence.
Ran back to the Field Trainer under Atlas and sold it for 250.

Did this a few more times, filling up my 3 salvage slots and selling them until it was time to move up.

Started working the uncommon salvage, buy for 250, sell for 1000 at the Field Trainer.

The profit margin on the rares isn't as nice, it is hard to get them for less than 4K, but I have been lucky with a few for 2500.
And the recipes.

Level 50 set recipes in really crappy sets can often be found for 1K or less, they sell for 5K
It is long, and repetitive and a little boring, but I did this until I got up to about 180K

Now it was time to improve.
Bought common salvage for 100 and sold it right back setting a minimum bid of 1 Inf until I had sold 50.
That's the Scrounger badge and 2 more salvage slots, now I can do this in 5's instead of 3's.

200 more and we get the Merchant Badge and another consignment house slot, making me able to buy and sell at the same time.

Joined a SG to get access to a crafting table.
Bought and made 4 recipes and salvage to get the Despoiler badge and an additional 2 salvage slots, bringing me to 7.

Now it is back to the Salvage/Recipe grind to bring the Inf situation back up enough to buy and craft the 7 recipes that will give me the Retrograde badge and a second recipe slot.

Looks like it is going to be about 100K for each of them.

Starting Inf: 1
Highest Inf total: ~182,000
Total Spent: ~140,000
Total XP: 0

Current Inf total: 107,784 with additional 20,000 invested at logout.


*L*, I can't wait to see how far this goes. Guess it just shows, a little creativity and hard work can get you want you need. I should just link the next whiners I see begging for cash to this post.

I'm happy to have supplied the one influence to make this possible!

One of the NPCs that walk around can give you the amount of time your character has been in the world - it's keyed off the first initial. E&F are game time and "real" time - I don't know which one it is for "play times" though.

"M"s give you timed played.

I think you can get pretty far with just the day-trading "Buy low, sell high" game. With Wents, players can be rich and impatient, so the real money is in grabbing the good deals as they come around, and then marking them up during stress hours when people are grabbing every bit they can. The only risk to this is that you're working with a fixed capital, so if you tie up your money in something that doesn't sell, it really hampers your progress.

The lack of WW trade slots (currently two) is slowing that down too.

well, poop, I didn't know field trainers bought Invention stuff. And at higher prices than Went's, by the sound of it. :/

*spreadsheet nerd*

I've made an excel spreadsheet with the vendor-sell prices for all the IO recipes. I always check WW first to determine whether other players or the vendors will be a better bet.

My blaster's made quite good money with my patience and nerdosity lol

Haha! Pls keep us up to date about it!

You shoul check into missions and other sources of XP that you can get without fighting - like badges or the "go read the plaque" ones early on. I'm not sure if there's enough to level from, but it might be worth it if it gets you some extra slots.

I have thought about that and tried it quickly (evidently at lvl 1 you don't get any XP for exploration badges)

Then I decided to stick to my guns and be able to look at the ID card when it is over and hilight the 0 XP


To quote one of my favorite lines from "Wolf":

"You are my God."

Good luck - do you accept handouts? Not that my Virtue character (Rhiannon Vendredi) is flush with THAT much cash, but sometimes you just gotta give, you know?


Re: *laughing*

Nope, no handouts.
That would be cheating.

I could easily just transfer a couple of million from my 50 there.

How long did it take to do this?

I'd like to know that too, I didn't start trading with my newest toon until he was level 3... cause that's when I had enough influence to buy my first SO from WW and sell it to the trainer in atlas. After that, things went fast for me. I now make about 100k influence in about 15-20 minutes with my level 10 PB trading in SOs.

My wife spends her time trading in salvage... buying the low end base salvage, converting it to components, selling the components back at a profit. She feels she's "poor" these days if she drops under 10million.

A few hours, it would probably go faster if I concentrated solely on it, but it is mostly something to do in the background while watching TV, so I can't really be that specific on how much time it takes.

By the way, a good kick for starting characters is to save the damage and heal inspirations you get in the tutorials and sell them at the consignment houses first thing. Those frequently go for 10K to 50K apiece depending on demand.

WHAT?!? why would anyone buy a common inspiration for 10K?!? You can buy them for nearly nothing at contacts. Have people gotten so lazy they won't even run to a contact these days?!?

Sounds like the Paragon City version of the one red paperclip fellow.


Ha! I love it. Once you get all the way to stinking rich, you could have a level 10 create an SG for you, and then you could buy a bunch of prestige, and get some enhancement and inspiration storage to help you in your brokering efforts. All before you earn a single point of experience.

I'm trying to figure out if I can get the Field Crafter Accolade without going up a level, but I think that I would have to do the crafting Tutorial at the University..

You'd get XP out of the tutorial, but you can still rightfully claim no killing - use the "mission drop" feature for the door mission.

Although I don't think you have to do the tutorial for Field Crafter.

Dude! Did you sell your two original inspirations?

Since he skipped the Tutorial he wouldn't have them.

Are you still rinning this character?

It's being asked about...