City Of Heroes
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Featured Hero #31
Name: Archimagos
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Primary: Mind Control
Secondary: Empathy
Server: Victory
From his early teens, Aaron Rosenfield studied magic with Sir Arthur Braddock, Court Wizard to Queen Elizabeth II and Sorceror Primaris of the British Isles. His training prepared him for fighting mainly otherworldly entities who were trying to enter our realm, but when Aaron's sorcerous abilities proved useful against more mundane beings, he took on the mantle of Archimagos and battled crime and villainy in his home city of Los Angeles.

After the recent Rikti invasion, Archimagos relocated to Paragon City to help stop the upsurge in Circle of Thorns, Tsoo, and Banished Pantheon activity. Once here, he formed a team, The Supernaturals, dedicated to protecting Paragon City and the world from magickal threats from all quarters.

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Rupert of Hentzau [userpic]
Windows 7 and CoH?

Well, I took the plunge and installed Windows 7 on my system, and I must say it runs beautifully...except for CoH. Every time I try and run CoH, it ends up shutting down before it gets to the logon screen. I've tried running it in various compatibility modes, and with some of the vista recommended switches, and starting it safe mode, but so far nothing has worked. From what I've seen on the forums, I'm having the opposite results from everyone else...all of the posts I've seen say it's running fine with no need for using switches with your short cuts.

My next step is to try a fresh install and see if that fixes anything, but I'm not counting on it.

Has anyone else run into this?


Considering Win 7 is in Beta, you shouldn't be surprised. Remember Win 7 isn't an upgrade to Vista, it's an entirely new OS, so programs that run on Vista have no guarantee of working on 7. It was the same issue with XP and Vista, if you remember.

Actually it's out of beta and is a release candidate. Also, Win7 is more similar to Vista than Vista was to XP - most programs, and even some drivers, that work in Vista will work in Win7.

To the OP: If you installed Win7 as an upgrade from Vista and not as a fresh install, I strongly suggest you do a fresh install. If you're reluctant to do that, you may want to try deleting (or moving) everything except cohupdater from your City of Heroes folder so it re-downloads everything. It will take a while, but it could be worth a shot.

I did do an upgrade. So, that may be the culprit.

What I may do is to go out and buy the Magic edition store pack so I can avoid a huge download again.

A: Do you have an ATI card?
B: Are you running as actual Administrator?

That's all I have so far.

A. Yes
B. Yes

To give more details to A, I'm running an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650, driver

Hm... Mobility and ATI. Both bad words. Tried using Windows Update to get new drivers?

How's your sound?

Yes, checked for updates right off the bat to see if there were updated drivers and came up blank. I did find a newer version of the driver for vista, so I'm going to try and run that and see if it fixes it. Saving a recovery point before I install it, of course.

I installed the Win7 public beta on a fresh hard drive, installed the beta drivers for my card (*an Nvidia*) and had 0 problems out of the box. I did take a small time hit at loading screens, but I have 2 gigs of memory and I know that Win7 does use more memory overhead.

CoH has always played better with Nvidia than ATI. I would look into updated/beta drivers for your card.

CoH has always played better with Nvidia than ATI.

I never had any problems with my ATI card and gaming, even not with CoX.
But I'm still on XP, this might be the point.

Historically there have been a lot of problems with ATI drivers, things like antialiasing not working correctly and water textures screwing up. The ATI guru in the official forums even finally gave up and converted to Nvidia.

That is true regarding Ati, even though I am an Ati fan and despite the water textures, the game runs flawless on my new HD 3850, I can't help but get a sense of frustration that as long as things are working, then its acceptable.

I guess since Nvidia do have Dev support teams that will assist studios perform on their hardware, its easier to code for Nvidia and patch the Ati cards that have trouble later...

Isn't Win 7 just a release candidate at the moment?

Anyhow, do the normal stuff first, make sure drivers are up to date yadda yadda (Which i'm sure you already did) and if that fails. Try a fresh install.

EDIT: Corrected link

I'm not having any trouble running CoH with Windows 7. It even ran without me re-installing my video drivers. Looked like crap until I did, but now it looks beautiful. I have an ATI 3750 card.

I did a clean install from the disks and then waited 5-6 hours for everything to get updated. But it's running great for me without needing any use of the compatibility settings.

I even have the 64 bit version of Windows 7 running.

I'm sorry it's giving you a hard time.

Well, I updated the video drivers with new (vista) drivers from the HP website, the Catalyst .3000 drivers, and CoH will launch now, but the video flashes like a strobe light when I launch CoH.

So, now I don't know what to try. I think I'm going to roll back my video drivers to the drivers that came with Win 7 and then try a fresh install of CoH. If that doesn't work, it looks like a system re-install.

I may go with a scratch install of Windows 7 first. The laptop is about a month old, and so I don't have a lot of personal data on the thing...either way I'm looking at a reformat/reinstall.

Fresh install of CoH with the latest catalyst drivers - video stutter.

Roll back catalyst drivers, fresh install of CoH - same problem.

But it actually does get further now! I can launch the game, but it's unplayable.

Working fine on my machine ever since the Win7 beta. Needs to run as Administrator but didn't require any additional hackery.

nVidia 7600 video in this thing.

Someone on the CoH forum mentioned that there are actual Win 7 catalyst drivers out there, not just the vista drivers. I'm going to try and install those and see what happens.

*fingers crossed...*

And...same thing. Dammit. Even with the Win 7 catalyst drivers.


windows 7

I have Windows 7 and had problem logging on, got on to the character console and it took 10 mins for the game to disconnect without getting in, so what i did was i went into the steam folder C:/program files(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/city of heroes and had to create a shortcut and play trough it, that way you log in without going through steam and I was able to log in, how ever the game messed up some video drivers so the game crashes constantly and it doesn't fix until i reboot the PC, however ones i turn the game back on it crashes again, if anyone knows how to fix this bug please shout out, advised that i do not have any special video drivers installed and windows 7 says that I shouldn't have to install them, which is right for the most part, this is the only game thats buggy for me.

Windows 7

ohh... and i forgot i found on the official forums about how to fix something, when you got a shortcut right click on it, go to properties write into the target tab "dash" port "space" 13094 so it would look like "location file" -port 13094

"for me it looks like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\city of heroes eu\CohUpdater.EU.exe" -port 13094