City Of Heroes
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Featured Hero #35
Name: Skyborn
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Primary: Energy Blast
Secondary: Energy Manipulation
Server: Protector
By: [info]mahdi
Skyborn came to Paragon City shortly after the first Rikti invasion, and has spent his time since then helping the citizens of his adopted home. He has worked closely with the PCPD, as well as the Vanguard. During the second Rikti Invasion, he was instrumental in stopping several incursions.

When not in "uniform," Skyborn is Marcus Chiang, a doctor at Steel Canyon Medical Center. Marcus was born in San Francisco, California. His childhood was a fairly normal one, but when he began puberty, he noticed he'd developed an affinity for energy sources. Over time he began to develop ways to harness and channel energy in a raw form, using it to do anything from firing bolts of charged particles to flying. He resisted becoming a super-hero until after he finished medical school, and might have continued on as nothing more than a doctor had it not been for the Rikti Invasion.

The Rikti war proved to him that he was needed. With his family's blessing, he moved to Paragon City to begin his two careers: Doctor and Superhero!

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Fox Sterling [userpic]
City of Sidekicks

Ever wanted to play the bumbling sidekick that always has to be saved?

City of Sidekicks

With the continued success of City of Heroes and City of Villains, Paragon Studios has unveiled its plans for the future of the franchise with City of Sidekicks. No longer are you relegated to the role of "Saving the Day" as a super-powered hero, as a sidekick you get to participate in exciting, new ways to play the game.

"City of Sidekicks brings a whole new way to experience Paragon City," said Lead Designer Melissa Bianco. "Instead of taking down the criminals, you get to be captured by them!" A key element of many sidekick storylines is your ineptitude interfering with the actions of the real heroes, and nearly doing the villain's job for them.

"Your character levels up by screwing up," Bianco added. The goal as a sidekick is to mess things up just to the point of utter failure for the task at hand, but having the hero pull out a win in the end. The closer you get to failing, the better the end reward.

Gameplay for City of Sidekicks will involve a new dodge mechanic as you scramble to get out of the way of attacks that might wound or kill your character. "It was quite a challenge for us to implement," said Lead Programmer Matt Stults. "It took us a long time to find the fun in running around and not getting hit." There are bonus points for quipping during dodging, so if your character can blurt out things like "Not the face!" at the right time, you get a bonus to your dodge for a split second. Timing is everything.

Failure to dodge enemy attacks carries some pretty hefty consequences. "At the low levels it's simply cosmetic changes to the character, like a bandage on your head or your arm in a sling," said Lead Artist David Nakayama. "But as you face tougher foes, your injuries become more grievous, like a broken leg that has you hobbling on crutches. Eventually you're dodging attacks that can vaporize your character in one hit."

That's right; there is the possibility of permanent death for characters in City of Sidekicks. "It's not something we're doing lightly," said Producer Jesse Caceres. "We're taking a cue from the world of comic books. If a sidekick finds himself in a situation where they might be killed in a villain's Deathtrap, we will poll all the online players asking if said character should live or die."

"Since we have most of the assets already, we are looking at a short development cycle for City of Sidekicks," said Art Min, the studio's Development Director. "Our schedule has us releasing in exactly one year, on April 1st, 2011, with the expandalone title City of Henchmen coming six months after that."

City of Sidekicks will be available for the PC and Mac.

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I was wondering what they'd do this year. ♥

Sky High

Please, we prefer the term "Hero support."

Re: Sky High

Sky High FTW!

Re: Sky High


Re: Sky High

Was so totally, totally thinking of this.

Re: Sky High

HAH! Sky High is such an awesome flick! :D

Is it wrong that I think this could be a lot of fun? I like the idea of being able to dodge attacks on purpose!

Also, now I think I need an icon that says "Not the face!"... ;)

Funny, but not as good as Freem or COAscii. :)

COAscii is still my favorite. *nods*

Every so often, an obvious-type April Fool's gag comes along and you find you want it to be true anyway. I would buy a CoSK/HM expansion, and I know plenty of others who would too.

At least this doesn't fall into the "the obvious hoax is better than the real product" category like the fake Transformers: Shattered Glass comic that came out a few years ago. Tally ho!


Sweet! I await Preorder and Beta info!

"Not in the face!"

Side note, does anyone here have a character that they actively play as someone else's sidekick?

I have a Hero, Capt Combustion, and my bf has his sidekick Hero Support, Indestructible Boy ^_^

Damn you Paragon, for once again not just making an April Fool's joke that makes me laugh, but that I would consider fun if true. :]

Pity it's just an April Fool's joke XD

That's pretty crazy. Took me a moment to remember what day it is.

Me, too!

My first thought when I saw this was "Damn, so this isn't any different than what my most recent 50 did for 50 levels?" XD