City Of Heroes
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Featured Hero #16
Name: Joe Insanity
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Blaster
Primary: Assault Rifle
Secondary: Devices
Server: Infinity
Joe Insanity is the latest in the line of armed vigilantes dating back for five generations. Originally from Pennsylvania, his family sent him to Paragon City as a training exercise. Since his arrival he has demonstrated his family’s well known fighting style; saving the city multiple times, and spending more time in the hospital than many Doctors.

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I'm Mister Cellophane [userpic]
How in the world has nobody already mentioned this?

Did it just slip past y'all in the excitement over the steampunk pack? Or are we just waiting until we have more information to go on? Either way, I guess I need to repost the last paragraph of the May producer's letter:

Last month I let you know that the next issue features a new zone, and I'm very excited about how it is coming together. We are also going to be making improvements to our early gameplay experience, starting with updates to some of the lower level zones. I wanted to share the specifics, however Black Pebble threatened my life if I divulged the details. That being said, we'll have more information in the coming weeks!

This could be the very thing so many of us have been clamoring for since sometime between I6 and I18. Am I really the only one who can even think about working up enthusiasm for that?

Current Mood: bouncy bouncy

They've been distracting us with other shiny things.

I believe in the most recent coffee talk they 'STRONGLY HINTED' at Galaxy being a revamped zone.

To give people a reason to go there other than badgehunting? :)

Oh, and Black Pebble is such a violent psycho....

I always start in Galaxy. It's quiet, and the further I can get away from Azura, the happier I am.

Same here. I rather welcome the quiet serenity of Galaxy. :)

The same. I love Galaxy City.

Odd, I've always really disliked GC for some reason I can't quite articulate, and only ever go there when I have to.

YMMV, indeed.

I've suggested before that merging Atlas Park and Galaxy City into one starting zone would be better for new players - it'd bring the blue side more into line with the red side and Praetoria.

Ugh, no!

I'd much rather see red-side get a second starting zone, preferably one more lowbie/newbie friendly than Mercy.

I don't know just what it is that makes me loathe Galaxy so much. And yet I do loathe it so very much.

*ponders briefly, then shrugs*

Red side dos need a New Starting Zone well relentless lol. Thank God the Black Helicopter's locations that you can fly has been upgraded.

With the QoL changes, Mercy is a lot more merciful. No more Level 2 missions in BFE surrounded by +4 enemies.

The first arcs are much, much closer to the fort now.

In my case, the reasons I usually start in AP are (a) its proximity to the Hollows and (b) memories of having started during the '05 holiday event, sending the real Bouncing Betty from the tutorial to GC and immediately being told that Agent Wallace in AP wanted to see me about retrieving the stolen presents.

Heh, my very first toon zoned into AP during a Rikti invasion, and walked past a mob fighting the invaders on his way to Ms Liberty. It made quite the first impression, though one with less "you could have told me that BEFORE!" than yours.

Me too. Although I prefer it to get away from the Broadcast traffic in Atlas.

BaBs is my favourite trainer, so I spend a lot of time in galaxy.

You should watch the recording of the latest ustream chat. More info and hints there.

Reading to the end of that expanse of white letters on black background should in itself qualify for a badge.

They've been hinting about this for several weeks now on the UStream broadcasts - but they've not said if it's just a content update for the zones, or a graphical update too, to bring them more into line with what we see in Praetoria City.

In the words of Professor Farnsworth:
Sweet Zombie Jesus!

I'd love another lowbie zone red side, and to more zones get cleanup up like Faultline did.

I noticed it, and I am eagerly anticipating whatever changes they make.