City Of Heroes
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Featured Hero #26
Name: Faia
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Primary: Martial Arts
Secondary: Regeneration
Server: Justice
One half of the Faded Saints, Faia Teru is the result of an illegal and unorthodox government attempt to create ultimate soldiers. Severely genetically and physically modified within a laboratory for ten-odd years along with partner and boyfriend Kami Mawaru, the now-immortal pair became mercenaries working for big money once the corporation that had produced them went under. The pair were asked to come to Paragon by Justin Sinclaire (the only member of the Freedom Phalanx either Saint admittedly likes), who had heard of their oft world-saving deeds. However the Phalanx got more than they reckoned for in the Saints: they were vigilantes, former government attack dogs that were as underhanded and unethical as the villains themselves. Boy was Paragon City in for a rude awakening.

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Golden Girl [userpic]
A Third Comic for New Players

Like the other 2, it's also aimed at newer players of the game, and focuses on information about the game world rather than actual gameplay.


Here's the link for the full comic:

If Linenoise is still around, I hope that they can turn this into a PDF likethey did for the other 2 :-p

Timeline/lore wise, like the previous 2, this is also set before the Praetorian War/Galaxy City disaster/"Who Will Die", as it was planned out and written around the time GR launched, with a few tweaks here and there to reflect the post GR content

The cast list was kindly contributed by the following 5 players:

Captain Electric @Captain-Electric
Green Witch @Nanas
Infernal Oblivion @Golden Destroyer
Shadow Wail @Shadow Wail
Phantom Operative @GenomeX

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Golden Girl [userpic]
A Second Comic for New Players

Ive finally finished my 2nd comic for newer players, although some non-comic
related stuff meant that I wasn't quite able to get it done in
time for the launch of Freedom yesterday :-p

Here's the link to the full comic:

I'm hoping to put together a PDF version quite soon, but until then, people can
just use the links on each page to flip through them.

Also, as there have been a couple of big changes to the game since I started
work on the comic, that means that a couple of panels are now out
of date - and timeline-wise, the Praetorian invasion in May and the destruction of Galaxy
City this month means that this story is set a few months back from the
present time.

A Pathetic Aesthetic [userpic]
Announcing: Super Mega Pixel Art Frenzy Day! (SMPAFD?)

I'm doing custom pixel art so that I can play this double XP weekend.

If you don't care, don't click here and have a nice rest of your day. :D

Golden Girl [userpic]
A Comic for New Players

Last month, I finished this comic for new players which is meant to be a kind of introduction to the game world of CoH - although I recently had to do a little tweaking of a couple of panels to remove visual references to certain other games to make it acceptable for it to be mentioned on the official Facebook pages and Twitter feed - so I'm sure it'll be ok for LJ now in its final form :-p

Here's a reduced sized version of the cover...

...And the rest can be found at my DeviantArt page here:

It's 33 pages in total, and there's a link at the bottom of each page to either go forwards or back one page.
I'd like to make a PDF version, but I've found that it either ends up as 100+ Mb if I want to keep the pages detailed and sharp - anything smaller seems to cause fuzzy edges and text, as well as some color bleeding.

Anyway, this is more focused on the game world and lore, rather than gameplay mechanics, some of which have to be kinda dodged for the sake of the story - and although it's aimed at very new players of the game, it also has some stuff that might make longer term players smile too  :-p

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Current Mood: happy happy
dygitalpunk [userpic]
Oh man I'm late with this one....

Issue #3 Justice Corps. Adventures: Face of Death Part 3

Justice Corps. Adventures: The Face of Death #3

Issue #4 will be complete very soon :) Will post when it is.

dygitalpunk [userpic]
Justice Corps. Adventures: The Face of Death #2

Issue #2 hot off the... ummm... presses?

Justice Corps. Adventures: The Face of Death #2

dygitalpunk [userpic]
a CoH Comic featuring the Justice Corps.

Hi Guys I just wanted to share with you a project my SG on Virtue is working on. Here is issue #1 of our SG's Comic books by Johnny Raven.

Justice Corps. Adventures: The Face of Death #1

derekl1963 [userpic]
How to choose an archetype.

Real Life Comics nails it on the head...

What class lets me set people on fire?

I'm betting Liz is more the scrapper type than the controller type though...

Hell in August [userpic]
Levels and relative content

I was following the thread on level cap and new content and it got me to thinking about comics and how certain characters never really seem to go past a certain "level."

Take Daredevil, for example. He's an urban hero. He's got the heightened senses, sure, but beyond that, in game terms, he should be fighting Hellions and Outcasts his whole career. That guy should never really be trying to give Galactus a bloody nose in PI.

That got me to thinking about levels and relative content. I've been playing the game for a little over two and a half years, and I'm curious what others think about this.

Consider how long it takes your average toon to go from level 10 to level 20. Now think about how much content exists for toons at that level. Now do the same for a toon between level 40 and level 50.

Is the ratio right? I'm also curious to know the ratio of level 40-50 toons versus the number of toons below the 40 mark. Speaking for myself, I have entire servers full of low-level toons, perhaps half a dozen in the 30-40 range, and only two level 50's.

I don't have any answers here. I'm just curious to know what others think. Plus, it was a chance to show off my shiny new icon. :-)

Current Mood: creative
Current Music: Stutter - Joe
Andrew Perron [userpic]
Cross-Faction Characters

Hullo, all! This is the first time I've actually posted in this community, rather than commenting, so... formal greetings!

Anyway, my subject tonight: One of the more requested features recently has been fallen heroes and redeemed villains. Obviously, if this were implemented, we'd see heroic Masterminds and Corruptors and villainous Defenders and Scrappers. My question: Can you think of any examples of these in superhero fiction? That is, heroic characters who seem to belong to a City of Villains archetype, or villainous characters who seem to belong to a City of Heroes archetype?

A couple examples off the top of my head:
The Hulk is definitely a heroic (or at least antiheroic) Brute. When Hulk get madder, Hulk get stronger!
The Juggernaut is definitely closer to a Tank than a Brute. So is the Blob, though in a completely opposite way.

What do you think, sirs?

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