Allan (allanb) wrote in city_of_heroes,

Synapse TF (concluded)

Aaaagh! I'm stuck in the wall!...

ok, that's my lvl 8 defender in some trouble, but onto the real news...

I completed Synapse's TF last night in four hours.
Woah, awesome. Lemme tell you, what a team we had.
Three tankers, two blasters, one defender, one controller and one scrapper (me).
Halfway through the first mission our controller quit on us, and then after the second mission, one of our tankers had to leave because it was getting late...
The six of us left, we rampaged through those clockworks like the trash they are, and earned the gearsmasher and clockstopper badges, not to mention major XP and everyone leveled at least twice, I leveled three times as I was a 17 to start, now I'm a 20 Scrapper Claws/Invuln.
Without a healer, we still managed to complete the other missions by stealthing our way to the bosses and using invisible to get there, ambushed them. With two tankers, and myself having Unyielding and maxed out Temp Invuln and other buffs, we all used AoE attacks and smashed the gears to pieces, shredded cogs and dispensed with Princes and Tesla Coils like they were scrap.
When we finally came to the King, he was surprised, and overwhelmed, not even after his first words protesting our arrival and calling his minions forth to protect him, he lasted but seconds in the face of our furious onslaught attacks.

The Influence was sweet, my SO was an awaken accuracy which I put on my new attack power of Focus, and I bought all the DO's for my Invuln powers and Claw powers I could and they're all 20++ or higher now.

We had only two deaths, but they were squishies and it was right before the ambush.
Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that part, the ambush...
Babbage wasn't ready for us, we stealthed our way to him and ambushed him instead.
Clobbered the big oaf and went on our way towards victory.

The End :)

All this was done on Liberty, and I wish I could remember everyones name, but I'd like to thank:
S y n e r g y
Cosmic Power
Pilot Light
and if I'm not mentioning a name, it's because I forgot it... (sorry)

Great team players if you see them on Liberty. If you see me, I'm Nauga or Kharl, Global @Nauga.
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