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SUPA Tink to the rescue!

Triumph SG Fair Agenda

We have decided to combine this event into one location and that is Galaxy City, Freedom Crt in the rear near the Galaxy Girl statue. We want to stand united as one and have all levels present and celebrate what a great server we have together.


this Sat April 30th, 3 to 5 pm EST

Supergroup Leaders and representatives who are coming please come 30 to 40 mins early to get your spot and setup.

3:00 PM Welcome Annoucement by Zia Frostfire

3:15 to 3:45 pm Costume and Bio Contests

There is two to pick from but you can only enter one so you decide on which is best for you.

Costume ONLY contest - Come show off your costume creations! Judging is based off Costumes only.

Prizes: 1st place 3 million, 2nd place 1.5 million, 3rd 500k

Background (Bio) Story Contest: Show off those bios that you created, there are alot of wonderful ones out there! Judging is based 60% on bio and 40% on costume and tie in with your bio.

Prizes: 1st place 5 million, 2nd place 3 million, 3rd place 1 million

Please no powers on during contests and anyone who is disruptive will be thrown out at once.

3:45pm The Freelancers Cryostat Body Hunt Atlas Park meet at Miss Liberty contact person Cold Embracer. Cryo The Debt King will die once again and we will secretly hide his body somewhere and first person to find and rez him will win.

Prize: the first person to rez Cryo will be 10 million influence

4pm COH and Comic Book Trivia (Marvel and DC comics) Emerald Fusion, Tom Trumpinski and Zia Frostfire contact people

To take part in the trivia you must join the global chat channel Triumph SG Fair. A question will be asked and the first person to answer correctly will be rewarded with a high level SO enhancement. And then it will repeat over and over until all the goodies are gone.

4:30pm Open Discussion w/ Mr Kenya and MrOmega as the mediators
Special Recognition to the SG's who were nominated for Best SGs of Triumph. And basically a time to talk about alliances, pvp, and our server in general.

4:50pm Closing Annoucement with Zia Frostfire

Throughout this time the SGs of Triumph will be stationed recruiting so you can go up and talk to any one of them that you like and possible find a SG. There are so many good ones on our server surely we can find one that fits you.

If you are already in a SG or even not interested in joining one feel free to please come out and mingle and get to know your fellow server mates.

We hope to see everyone there so help spread the word and come out this
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