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Question for anyone who has -And Likes Playing- a Kheldian...

First of all: Free Lad hit 50!!!! ::happy dance:: then...

Any tips on how I should build my Peace Bringer?

I've seen sooooooooo many people who're like "Blah! Kheldians suck! I hate my Kheldian! Don't make a Kheldian! We hate Kheldians and if you Don't Hate Kheldians, you Suuuuuck!"

But frankly... I loves my PB... Yeah, so his human form is weak and his Bright Nova form has no Def... I still loves him...

I guess one thing about having an Emp/Rad Def is that you learn to go through missions slowly... stealthily... and tab through the bad guys to make sure there're no Quantum guns in anyone's hands or Void Seekers anywhere...

So yeah...

My question (to the people who have -and Like playing- a kheldian) is:

What is your build? Which powers seem to help the most?

Oh! And most importantly!

**How do you have your powers slotted???**

I mean Wow!

You unlock Bright Nova and suddenly you have 4 new powers to slot! I mean... how do you have enough slots between 1 and 50 to effectively slot all these powers?

Thanks for yer time, Fellow Heroes!
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