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Friday is my last day in COH

At least until I can get a job and start up my account again. I'm not entirely sure, as my account expires on the 29th. So I'm not clear as to if that's at the beginning or the end of that day.
I've been meaning to play more in the last week, but sometimes I just don't feel like it because it makes me remember I'll be without it for a time.

The worst part of it is, even if I lose my Internet connection I will have access on the weekends at my friend's house. It's just not the same without being able to play the game with them. Unless some sort of last minute miracle arises, you won't hear from me for awhile.
I'm going to miss you all as I'm taking this list off of my community filter, after tomorrow, so I need not be reminded what I'm missing every day.

Good bye, for now.

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