torsoheap (torsoheap) wrote in city_of_heroes,

Just messing around

I got my CoH account before my girlfriend so she has a character in my account. For teaming, I made a character in her account. Anyhow, we both have access to each other's accounts and with the free respec showing up tomorrow I was joking about logging into her account and respeccing her into the most gimped build possible. Let's take her level 29 illusion/radiation controller. Here's one possible gimped build:

1. Blind
Radiant Aura
2. Radiation Infection
4. Deceive
6. Aid Other
8. Hurdle
10. Teleport foe
12. Challenge
14. Provoke
16. Intimidate
18. Stimulant
20. Invoke Panic
22. Aid Self
24. Flash
26. Swift
28. Choking Cloud

I would then six slot brawl, rest, sprint, hurdle, swift and then slot the attacks with endurance reduction (except for jump kick which gets knockbacks).

Is possible to gimp this build anymore?
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