alexandria2000 (alexandria2000) wrote in city_of_heroes,

Looking for respec advice myself...

Because I know next to nothing about proper character builds in the Dark/Dark defender area. So, uhm, help?

Originally, I'd planned on taking her up the superleap route, but group things happened and I ended up going the way of Teleport for a planned mission. After having taken Combat Jumping. Needless to say, power slots went waay off track, and I realized I couldn't get my hands anywhere near Stamina until 22 at that rate - I was shooting for 20.

Anyway. I'm trying to build a character that is good for teaming, yet can get along okay solo. I'm kind of iffy on slotting, as viability of enhancements still confuse me, and she's still in trainers.

This would be my plan for her respec as of 17 -

Level: 17
Archetype: Defender
Primary: Dark Miasma
Secondary: Dark Blast
01) --> Tar Patch==> Range(1) Slow(3)
01) --> Dark Blast==> Acc(1) Dmg(3) Dmg(5)
02) --> Twilight Grasp==> Acc(2) Heal(7) Heal(11)
04) --> Gloom==> Acc(4) Dmg(5) Dmg(7) Dmg(9)
06) --> Hover==> EndRdx(6)
08) --> Darkest Night==> Range(8) TH_DeBuf(9) Rechg(15)
10) --> Moonbeam==> Acc(10) Dmg(11) Dmg(13)
12) --> Shadow Fall==> DefBuf(12) EndRdx(13) DefBuf(15)
14) --> Fly==> EndRdx(14) Fly(17)
16) --> Tenebrous Tentacles==> Acc(16) ConeRng(17)
01) --> Sprint==> Run(1)
01) --> Brawl==> Dmg(1)
02) --> Rest==> Rechg(2)
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