NaTaS (nata5) wrote in city_of_heroes,

A little advice...

So far I have seen a 3 or 4 respec posts so far today. Yes we get a free respec for the one year thingy... however I would highly suggest waiting to burn it untill after Issue 4s release.

Why do I say this? Well the shear number of changes being made to powers for PvP and PvE for one. Almost every AT is getting some kind of adjustment. It would really suck to adjust your main now and then find out that you took a power or slotted something a certain way and it turn out to make your toon worthless.

Just wait.. spec out your toon and ask questions but wait till after they push the update.

Just as an example.. My main is a lvl 50 kat/regen... they have so far changed Intragration, Instant Healing, and as of yesterday Moment of Glory. So far you have to 6 slot INT and IH, I have that already but now MoG is worthless.. but so far it looks like they may change it again before the update. My second main a lvl 31 kat/invul has had invincibility changed to lessen the acc buff. Thank god I already was going to slot it 3 defbuff/3accbuff... which is out of the norm and most just 3 slot it or don't slot it.

Also scrappers, tankers, controllers, and aliens were hit in some form or fashion. If you read the fourms.. gah I know it sucks to try.. but if you read the them and see all the people upset wanting a respec for when I4 hits.. then you can guess that the devs are glad they can push one through for the one year thingy. So get the freebie and sit on it.
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