Dave Duchene (n0man) wrote in city_of_heroes,
Dave Duchene

Travel Power Debuffs

Well, I popped onto Test last night to experiment with the new travel power debuffs. They suck about as much as expected, so I spent some time trying to build a set of binds to address them, without much success. Here's what I tried, in case anyone has some additional inspirations. My test-bed was Sarstante, a 32 blaster from Virtue.

First attempt:

  • /bind 1 "powexec_toggleoff super speed$$powexec_name fire blast$$powexec_toggleon super speed"

This didn't work as the engine seems smart enough to stop you from turning the same power off and on in a single bind. You can sneak around it as follows, though:

  • /bind 1 "powexec_toggleoff super speed$$powexec_name fire blast$$powexec_name super speed"

The first call to powexec_toggleoff puts super speed into a known state (off), so that you can rely on powexec_name turning it back on again. Unfortunately, my attack was still debuffed. As far as I can tell, there seems to be some delay between when you ask a power to turn off and when it actually happens. I was unable to find a way around this. For the sake of completeness, here was my final attempt:

  • /bind 1 "powexec_toggleoff super speed$$powexec_name fire blast"

  • /bind w "+forward$$powexec_toggleon super speed"

  • /bind s "+backward$$powexec_toggleon super speed"

  • /bind a "+left$$powexec_toggleon super speed"

  • /bind d "+right$$powexec_toggleon super speed"

  • /bind lshift+space "+up$$powexec_toggleoff super speed"

The idea here was that I could queue up blaze, then joust by hitting shift-space just before I got in range, so that by the time the power went off I'd be in mid-air with the velocity, but without super-speed on. I was never able to get the timing right; either I'd jump too late and my accuracy would be debuffed, or I'd jump too early and never get into blaze-range. I suspect that the delay for super speed turning off is too long for this to be possible anyway. (funny thing: if you make +forward or whatever movement direction the second command, you get stuck moving in that direction)

Even if the binds above had worked, they felt extremely laggy and hackish. Nonetheless, if anyone has found a way to do this properly I'd love to hear from you. What kills me about all this bullshit is that you can still joust. It's slower, but sprint+run and possibly combat jump+hurdle will get you many of the same benefits (though obviously they aren't quite as good). So instead of letting people find out how to queue powers properly, they reduce all travel powers to the usefullness of flight, a badly gimped power. Imagine the alternative had they simply removed the accuracy debuff from flight: chasing each other through the air in true 3d - hero dogfighting.

Anyway, my next step is to complain in the feedback section when I cancel my subscription. Perhaps they attach more weight to it when there's money attached.

Been fun, all.
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