Ms Fruity Oaty Bar (eryntzun) wrote in city_of_heroes,
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dark/regen scrappers of LJ

Has anyone tried a respecification on test? I still had a spare, since Eryn Tzun (Virtue)never used any of hers.(She just hit 37 and I haven't bought new enhancements on live yet.)

This is what I tried out, it seems to work alright, although it's not slotted with the optimum enhancements at the moment. I might change around quick recovery and stamina since my endurance doesn't run out as fast anymore. I got rid of stealth, in favor of Dull Pain. I had never needed dull pain except at low levels before.
Any pointers on what I should do? Would having tough help negate things some? Or it just too early to try and rework things?

Also, has anyone noticed the damage output being a lot stronger? Or is that just my imagination?
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