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Expanded foam polymer controller

Took Taxibot 54 over to test server to see how he does there.

As an L22 controller, T-54 has always been wimpy. Still ... he was able to solo groups of 3-5 equal to lower levels, white or blue con.
He was able to solo one red. He was able to handle two oranges and three yellows.

Of course, it mattered what they were, and how ranged their combat.

Tested out a swarm of trolls in the Hollows. He hit 8 of 8, Level 9 trolls. One hopes so. They also hit him, at least, the gunners did.
Not that it did more than chip the paint job.

Took him to IP and tried out a swarm of seven white-conning Council. Hit all but two, which I was able to hit with other holds, but then the first group wore off. While I managed to take out 3 of the bastards but then the rest got me.

Scaling down for other groups, same thing happened.

Finally, took on two Council, equal-con. Even though floating, one held guy kept shooting me. I hit them with Rad Infection and Enervating Field. It might as well have been gatorade. They hit MORE OFTEN.

So, yeah, controllers are borked rather badly at the moment.

Oh yeah... Button Man Whatever are now invisible once you reach blast range. Their weapons are still there, but the targeting reticule gets downright weird.
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