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A look at Issue 5.

For people who aren't into playing on the Test Server, I'm posting all the pictures I took of CroatiaCroatoa and other new things coming for Issue 5.

Where is Croatoa? Exactly here! How do you get there? From the Green Line Tram. I keep typing Croatia, I also keep SAYING Croatia. Heck one of my friends who doesn't speak the language like I do said, "Croatia," while we were playing on test. I have a feeling I'm going to have that specific typo infest me frequently when this goes live. There have been some changes from the monsters included here from those also appearing during the Halloween Event. So far I liked that special event the best, it didn't last too long to be irritating and just long enough for the important characters to get the badges.
I'm not going to bother posting badge pictures, I'm sure can handle that and kill X monster requirements when things go live, and it will also be more accurate. All the monsters in the zone do have a badge, only the Cabal require bosses. You can also find ghosts in the area, although I didn't bother getting pictures since they look the same.

Tuatha de Dannon: Ginormous Dear Men
Warrior - Minion
Champion - Lieutenant
Tuatha de Dannon: Bres - Boss

Fir Bolg: Flaming Pumpkins On Stilts
Soldier - Minion
Guardian - Lieutenant
Streng - Boss
Pumkin Patch: Great Pumpkin not included.
Soldiers perching
Soldier scare crows.
Here's where they put the Great Pumpkin.

The Cabal: Stormy Witches - What do we do with witches? Buuuuuun witches!!!!1!
Sprite - Minon
Adept - Minion
Initiate - Minion
Thunder Maven - Lieutenant
Storm Maven Lieutenant
Sorceress of The Winds - Boss
The Cabal preforming a ritual around stones.

Red Caps: Lawn Gnomes Gone Wrong
Will o the Wisp - Underling
Rascal - Minion
Hooligan - Lieutenant
Fiend - Boss

Flower Knight: New Ally In Outbreak
War Watch's location on the map. In case you didn't see a previous post, she is the zone's ghostly trainer.
War Witch Plaque and location on the map, just west of her.
Peachy discovers a park full of Henges.
Here's a full view of Henges.
Magic fungai do something weird to you. I'm sure Minty Minuet would dig the far out psychedelic Magic Shrooms. The magic mushrooms send you to a new world. Or missions!
Complete the XXX Task Force: According the the boards, Ron Jeremy is your contact and The Rock is your Co-star.
The Conduit: New Store in Croatoa
Buck Salinger: New Contact in Croatoa

If I missed anything it's because I didn't stick around long enough to search it more thoroughly with Peachy.

Someone want to let me know if there are more contacts in the new zone and where? I'd like my level 28 invuln/ice tanker to get a nice sample mission. Yeah, I like Funishment.
Okay I found out you get them from Gordon Bower, Skipper LeGrange, Buck Salinger. That's for science, although it looks like Magic starts off with Maria something. More info after I play. We have to exemp down to get through more than one mission of the actual arc. :/

edit: Fixed the typo, sorry about that. It's what happens sometimes when adding things last minute. heh
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