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Introduction to the community (I hope)

Hello, all:

I've been playing COH since March of this year, and though time has been against me, I've managed to get at least one character, Ravenesque, a dark/dark defender, up to 15L on the Liberty server. I've since created at least five characters on Infinity two days ago in order to have some variety on different servers, and have five characters on Liberty.

Offline, I'm a tabletop gamer who really likes the superhero genre. When I first logged on to Liberty, I concentrated on RP'ing my first character, Sol-Prime, along with some friends who went with the planetary/Olympian theme. Somewhere along the way, I stopped RPing and just concentrated on getting through what I've seen termed "The Grind."

I joined this community two weeks ago, and I saw mention of the differences and idiosyncrasies of each server with regard to the expectations of their player population. Last night, I was the victim of a killsteal on Infinity, so I figured now was as good a time as any to ask: I was wondering if anyone could, briefly or otherwise, either detail the gaming climate, good and bad, of each CoH server, or point out a link online where that information already exists?

Thanks in advance for your patience with a noob. :)
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