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Issue 5 Croatoa map

People who want to keep the new zone mysterioius and like hunting down the plaques and badges can skip this one. I promise I'll keep it secret if you don't want to know!
Vidiotmaps did post a an updated interactive Croatoa map, I just haven't looked at any COH maps in such a long time that I didn't think to look this early for my list the other day. The badge list is updated as well.
They're getting much quicker at these things.

edit: since the in game map is a bit frelled and doesn't align correctly, it's best to find the contact or a landmark relative to the plaque to spot it with ease. Otherwise you can use the /loc command to match the coordinates on the badge chart.
vidiotmaps IS correct, in game: STILL FUBARed. Also of note, the badges are there, but it's not crediting all of them.
Funny that.
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