SuperSpeedy (AKA MowDownJoe, AKA Dave) (mowdownjoe) wrote in city_of_heroes,
SuperSpeedy (AKA MowDownJoe, AKA Dave)

Just saying "Hello" and "I'm new" and all that other stuff.

Hello. I'm mowdownjoe. I've been playing CoH since October. Took a brief break after I4 hit. Came back. Everything was A-OK and all that cheery crap. Most of my characters are on Guardian with a few lowbies on Virtue and Triumph. On Guardian, excluding my lv. 50 AR/Dev, my highest non-retired characters would be my Warshade (lv. 23 currently). I do have a couple of characters between my Warshade and my 50, but... I dunno, something that just seems a tad boring about a Fire/Ice tank and a Katana/Regen, both in the 30s, that doesn't hold my interest. Ah, well.

In real life, there isn't much to say. I like video games, have to watch what I eat (digestive problems run in the family), like the TV show Monk, and my current non-computer-related obsession is the book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (and all the other books in the series... granted, I'm only up to chapter 3 of "Life, the Universe, and Everything").

Overall, looking forward to chatting it up and sharing my experiences.
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