Kelly (kwsapphire) wrote in city_of_heroes,

Supergroup Hunting (again)

LVL 43 Bubbler on Virtue who is, once again, looking for a Supergroup. I'm currently a member of the League of Super Heroes, and while there are some nice people in the SG, no one is ever on. Ever ever ever. I know I go through bouts where I don't log on often, but seriously, in the past two weeks there has been ONE person logged on (besides me).

It's not hard to get a team together, but it sure would be nice to have a supergroup to fall back on, or to team up with, or to do fun things with. Anyone know an SG on Virtue where the members log on on a REGULAR BASIS? And I don't mean "yeah me and this one other person are on all the time" - I mean a good number of the group is on a good portion of the time. Anyone?
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