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Stamina, finally

I got my scrapper (Keat Pyresmelt on Liberty, if anyone cares) to 20 tonight. Him being a katana/dark armor scrapper, he's been working at stamina for many, many levels--and huffing and puffing most of the way. To get a feel for it, I run a bunch of Tsoo and Family missions.

It is the bomb. It is not (yet) everything I hoped for, insofar as I am not capable of running all three major shields and Death Shroud and Combat Jumping and fighting continuously without flooring my end. However, I can do that for long enough to kill, say, the Galaxy Adjutant who I'm fighting (and it even makes sense, considering he does dark damage [which is doubly resisted] and mez) before my end floors. And I can run around on an almost continuous basis killing--er, arresting--things left and right, even with Obsidian Shield running full bore due to Yellow Ink Men. Happy days are here again, at least until I find some more toggles to run.

It's so happy it has even managed to eclipse my irritation at fighting Tsoo.

As an aside, Health was also a big moment for Keat, because it pushed the amount of damage he could take on a continous basis without losing health slowly up--a little bit, but a very noticable little bit. I even like Hurdle. But I'm sure I'd rather have Lotus Drops and Dark Regen than them.

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