SuperSpeedy (AKA MowDownJoe, AKA Dave) (mowdownjoe) wrote in city_of_heroes,
SuperSpeedy (AKA MowDownJoe, AKA Dave)

Ruladak, and the Shard TF that was actually short.

Yesterday, I was fooling around with my little Warshade, having much fun with the Sands of Mu temp power when some asked over Arena Chat (AKA: Server-wide Broadcast of Occasion Stupidity) if anyone wanted to do the Legend of Ruladak TF.

Well, after finishing my timed mish (principle of the thing... I hate failing missions), I hopped on my lv. 50 AR/Dev, SM-DX. It was a good TF, with the group traveling between the Cascade Archipelago, PI, and the maze that is Perez Park (thankfully, Perez was just one mish). There was the occasional death (one or two were mine... and one was only because I thought my group was fighting the group below the ledge I was standing on... and I jumped in the middle of it. Oops.)
Our team was 2 Dark Defenders (both came prepared with Team TP), two tanks (one Fire who D/Ced after a few mishes and never came back in the 3 hours of the TF.... he's now stuck in Perez), 3 Scrappers (Dark, Invul, and Regen... the Regen was aching from the AV), and me.

Check out these Shadow Shard caves. All the dankness and blue of your usual caves, but much roomier like a cave in the Hollows. Ehh? Why am I on my back? And why is Fluffy and his master standing over me? See, kids: this is what happens to a blaster who fights purple bosses without Force of Nature: face-up death. Thank I4 for this.

The big bad of the TF: Ruladak the Strong. He looks puny? Well, we're a good distance away from him. He's big. Tank only came up to his knee. Speaking of, he hits hard. I could've sworn Ruladak was knocking off 1/5th to 1/4th of the tank's HP with this one blow of his, and he used it probably every 30 seconds (looked like Total Focus without the glowy hands). Eventually, the tank ran (Ruladak is too tall to fit through his chamber door, thankfully) and rested up (with Rest!). Half the team died there. Evacuated. Recomposed ourselves. I gave the tank 4 of the 6 respites I carried. We ran at him. The result? Well, we got rid of one of the two Natterlings we didn't AoE to death and then...

Now how often do you see a villian explode like that? ...The disco ball lights around me? Okay, I used FoN in case something would happen. Turns out we didn't need it. Ruladak went down. I'll tell you this, though... that cave he's in is dark. We couldn't see anything that wasn't 20 feet in front of us except for anything that glowed (Ruladak, Wisps). Heck, after the fight, one of the Fluffies Pet. Gazed and Tenticled a Natterling we missed, and couldn't tell what it was until it passed out.

All in all, a fine TF. Good luck finding people to run it, though, since people tend to avoid the Shard like the plague.
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