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The IPO on FBZ

Saturday, my main on Liberty (Fist of Hell) will be looking to organize a team for running the Firebase Zulu Task Force. So far I've got one and maybe two teammates, but to run the TF I'll need a full team of 8. If you have a toon 40 or higher and interested in running the marathon that is Firebase Zulu, let me know here or in a tell to my global name (@batzradio).

As far as a start time, I'm looking at 2PM CST (12 Noon PST), but this is adjustable as I'm plenty flexible with this Saturday. If anyone wants to run it later in the day I would be okay with that as long as you're okay with how long it will take - it's 23 missions.

Thanks for any help I can get in advance.

PS: For those eager collectors, the badge for this (and Moonfire as well as other post-L40 TFs) will be given retroactively with I5.
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