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Well, what I thought was going to be a good night turned out to be pretty crappy. Let me explain.

After just watching the movie Kung-Fu Hustle (kick ass, mind you), I'm feeling pretty good and feel like kicking some villainous butt in Paragon City. I jump on with my level 8 controller, Rann Dome, get invited to a small little pick-up team and we run a mission in Perez. We jump into Atlas, and in the chat window I see someone with the name of Aryan Race broadcasting.

My jaw drops. I don't even say anything to him before I hit the "send" button for the petition. Then myself and about four or five other folks start laying into him, and he starts saying how this "race" of people are just like any other race out there. The line that really got me, and this is what he said to a tee, was "well, black people use names like Brown Sugar and no one finds that racist". To which I retorted, "The last time I checked, Brown Sugar didn't go around killing people because of who they are".

For about 10 minutes it got real heated in Atlas Park, and I was so mad that I was shaking. In between arguments to me and the other people berating him, he kept asking if any SG's were recruiting. I couldn't take it anymore so my team and I went and did our mission in The Hollows.

*sigh* People like that make me sad.
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