Nick Piers (thatnickguy) wrote in city_of_heroes,
Nick Piers

Doug's Pet Peeves

This is kind of an open letter to the idiots that I've run into while playing Doug The Troll. It's similar to open letter rants to sucky customers at customers_suck.

1. Oh, hey. Yeah, Doug does have a bit of resemblance to The Incredible Hulk. It's kind of hard not to make a big, green guy with an angry face and have a comparison made to the Marvel favorite. However, Doug is actually an alternate, Troll-version of another character since deleted, Moby Doug. I even make mention of Moby in the Troll's bio.

2. Yes, shock of shocks, I'm talking in character. It happens. Be glad I'm not playing Sam Saturn on Virtue. He's a pompous ass, in character.

3. Gosh, thanks for calling me a retard for talking in Doug-speak.

4. Huh, no, I hadn't notice he looks like The Hulk. He was never meant to resemble him, actually. Thanks for pointing that out. Never noticed that before. Ever.

5. Yes, the colors on Doug's legs and feet are different. It's hard to get the right color scheme on leg tights to match the green skin color. I've been trying to get it right since creating Doug.

6. Oh, you're still calling me a retard? Huh. And here I am one of the few in the game with semi-proper use of grammar and somewhat decent spelling. While you're saying "ur a retard". Hm. Funny that.

7. All right, yes. He looks like the Hulk. Get over it.

8. Most people get a kick out of the character. Grow a sense of humor.

9. No, I won't PL you. Yes, I'm going to mock you in Doug-speak for it. No, I also won't give you influence for no reason, even if you send me a trade prompt. You're lucky I gave you 1 influence. Go live in a cardboard box, beggar.

10. He looks like The Hulk. I get it, already!!

11. I made fun of your son for making a ripoff of The Thing. And now you're threatening to contact the devs and have my account deleted. Hmm. Who was the first one at fault here, again?

12. Did you know that a few people have caught on that despite the Doug-speak, it's actually decent sentence structure and spelling? Coherance. It's in you to try.

13. DOUG = HULK. Yes, yes, yes. Now, piss off and go back to power-level begging.
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