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Things I'd do if I was lead dev for CoH

  1. Nerf purple insp. Until you nerf purple insp, Ice/ and /SR will always be the weak sisters. A low-level /SR can get more DEF from insp than she can from her powers, and it's global DEF, not per-mode DEF. Insps are extremely cheap.
  2. Add a set of insps that provide a modest +Res(All) (5/10/15, perhaps).
  3. Make Res less effective with increasing villain level. A tanker should need sidekicking to be useful against villains that are +6 to her, just like everyone else does.
  4. Make sure that, barring the intensive use of DEF buffs from Defenders, a post-32 Ice tank can have more +DEF than anyone else in the game except an SR scrapper under the influence of Elude (Elude is clearly what I refer to as a "God mode" power; while it's running, you should be ludicrously difficult to kill). ADDENDUM: Ice tankers get very little Res. Tankers are supposed to be able to hold aggro for the team. A tanker without lots of Res is going to need lots of DEF to make up for the Res shortfall.
  5. Encouraging defenders to sidekick up: Have Defender buffs be less effective on heroes whose combat level is significantly higher than the Defender's, making this effect minimal at +1, noticeable at +2, unpleasant at +3, and crippling at +4. (Frex, a 20% buff would drop to 19% at +1, 16% at +2, 13% at +3, 6% at +4, 2% at +5, 0 at +6 or more.)
  6. Sonic powers: Nerf Sonic Resonance before it goes live. A single defender should not be able to take you up to the scrapper Res cap from nothing.
  7. Perma-Foo: Introduce per-power recharge time floors, rather than further pushing out the base recharge times. Set the floor for Hasten to 4 minutes recharge (giving you a 50% duty cycle). Set the floor for MoG/Elude/Unstoppable to (duration + 2 minutes). This makes those powers less desirable, admittedly, but they're still damned good. ADDENDUM: Now, I hear some of you say "But I like having perma-Hasten, why shouldn't I be able to have it?". Yes. I know you like it. I like it, I've had it on my main since I used her i4 free respec to get rid of Shadow Punch and Siphon Life. But, there's no way that I can claim with a straight face that spending one power pick and four of my level-up slots to get me the effects of two recharge SOs on every single power I've got is anything remotely resembling balanced. Effectively, perma-Hasten creates two games: the perma-Hasten game and the non-perma-Hasten game. Unfortunately, we all have to face the same enemies.
  8. Drop the AoE hold duration nerf. (But keep the recharge nerf.)
  9. Diversity boost: Reduce the ubiquity of the Fitness pool by having base recovery scale up with level and nerfing Stamina. If Stamina wasn't quite so absurdly desirable, I'd explore the other power pools a lot more.
  10. Keep the DA End cost reduction; it was long overdue. Also, keep the magnitude nerf on Cloak of Fear; i4's CoF is too damned good.
  11. Check every scrapper secondary's numbers against every AV at +0. No scrapper should be able to tank an AV without Defender support. (I don't mind people being able to tank AVs who are below their level.) ADDENDUM: Also check that no AV's damage to a non-resisting target of the same level is greater than the basic hit points of a tanker [this is something that Cryptic are doing].

*toggles on Murky Cloud, Cloak of Darkness, and Super Speed* *runs and hides*

[EDIT: I've added a few clarifications and notes. Also, please take "write some level 50 content" as read.]

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