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Statesman Reply

Finally Statesman posted an official response to the cries.


EDIT: yes as many have noticed this link is broken. However it did use to point to the right place, and as such I am leaving it up here. (just for the fun of the conspiracy theories)

here is the new link


Why didn’t you do it at I5?

First, there were some tech issues. Secondly, because I wanted to test the changes individually (i.e. powers and Enhancements)…I5 on the Training Room provided numerous insights on powers alone!

You’ve destroyed my character!

Everyone is entitled to their opinions; I can’t deny that. But please wait till you play with Enhancement Diversification before passing final judgment. I think you’ll find that slotting previously underused Enhancements, such as Endurance Reduction and Recharge Time, really makes a difference.

You’re doing this only after we’ve pre-ordered CoV.

If we were that Machiavellian, we would have waited until after CoV was out for a few weeks. I wanted to put this change in before hand so that everyone knew the system well before CoV came out.

Our opinions don’t matter.

Demonstrably not true. Feedback from players resulted in many changes to the initial launch of I5 – Dark Armor Endurance Reduction, lifting AOE limits for certain powers, making Controller pets permanent, buffing Ice Tankers, increasing Hold durations, increasing Instant Healing duration…etc. The forums are a vital place for us to get player input. Data and personal anecdotes only go so far!

Once we get this up on the Training Room server, we’ll be able to start looking at modifications to the system.

I’m sick of all these nerfs.

The goal with I5 was to address the base abilities of powers. But as many pointed out on these boards, Enhancements were also a significant problem. In fact, many people suggested on the boards and in PM’s that we look into some form of diminishing return.

I already said that I didn’t want powers touched any more in a large way after I5. Same is true with Enhancement Diversification; I think we have finished the large scale changes to bring the game into the right borders.

Does this mean no more changes? I’d like to promise you that there won’t be ANY changes in I7 that are “nerfs” and that any change is a “buff”, but that’s unrealistic given that there might be bugs, errors, etc. It simply wouldn’t be honest. BUT I do promise that I don’t foresee any more big swings on how things are done. And I hope that the powers list for I6 has very, very few power patch notes. And I7, and I8, etc.

The least they could have done is given us some sort of carrot with this.

Couple of things didn’t get posted. We’re cutting Endurance costs by 12% across the board (to ameliorate the effect that Enhancement Diversification has on Stamina). We’re also cutting the Debt cap in 1/2 . Yep. In half.

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