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A Very Doug Christmas

Doug am back! Just in time for am holidays! You am miss Doug, yah? Well, Doug have more presents for Santamas!

And Doug have tons of pics, too! LOTS of pics! This am not dial-up happy!

And you am remember to read the Doug Christmas Carol! Doug think it am funnyerest thing Doug ever write.

See, Doug try to spread Santamas cheer to everyone! Even Doug's fellow trolls that am not good like Doug!

It not work so good.

Doug try to get into fashion. For Doug's Santamas Special line of clothes!

It not work so good, either. Not everyone am love Super Doug.

But Doug keep trying! Doug test out jet pack that Doug got as present!

Doug not very good at flying.

But then! Ooh! Ooh! Then Doug save presents for kiddies!!! Them have good Santamas!

Doug totally good at saving presents! Doug get present for Doug self, too!


But Doug feet still stink.

Doug keep watch over all other heroes who am maybe try out Doug line of clothing. It no as popular as Doug thought. You am play "Where Am Doug!?"

Doug give tanks over holidays.
Oop. Did Doug say TANKS!?

Doug say Happy Ho-Ho on this am Santamas!


See, Doug get special magic staff awhile ago. Doug no can help but have fun with it.

So, Doug introduce...GAN-DOUG!!!

Doug am sacred holder of Stinky Feet and smelly breath! Doug no give you permission to pants!!

You am no shall PANTS!!!

YOU!!! AM!!! NO!!!! PANTS!!!

Special Side-Note: Doug realized that flamey thingy am not wearing pants. But Doug realize too late and Doug actually am lose against big firey thing while Doug taking pics. So, GanDoug fall before big firey thingy!
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