January 1st, 2005

Zombies Hate Fast Food

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Do Ancillary Power Pools work the same way the regular power pools work? You get the pick from the first two powers in the pool to open the third, then choose a second power to open the last one? Or do you need to pick the first to open the second power, then the second one to open the third, and so forth?

Trials of Transcendence Help - Pinnacle

I have completed this Trial twice now successfully, gotten the badge. However, It will not clear as one of my two available storyarcs! it only clears for the person who accepts the mission from Talashak (I have learned the hard way..) It has a huge list of clues that have clogged my missions screen for almost 15 levels now... After long discussions with support and much wringing of hands, I have decided to DEVOTE myself to completing this trial, at least for a bit!

...I have a 31st level Scrapper DM/SR Renardine the werefox. I am offering to Complete/Repeat this mission up to 7 more times for up to 7 more people who want the badge, want to clear the storyarc, want XP, or 10,000 influence. Add Renardine to your friend list on Pinnacle and help me get this done for good!