January 2nd, 2005

PARAPPA (connieleeee)

Heroes of Truimph

I would like to send a invite to anyone who has any heroes on Truimph tonight at 7 pm eastern at the City Hall Steps in Atlas. I am wanting to gather heroes from our server to make a graphic. I hope to see several of you there if you can make it. This graphic will be used for coh_triumph and possible other stuff.

If anyone has any ideas on how to pose people they are welcomed. Thanks!
venga bus

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So over the holidays, i made...

2 levels on my Main, Final Point (spines/DA) putting him at 41.
2 levels on the blaster alt, Northern Cross (energy/ice), putting him at 27.
1 level on my tanker alt, Drek Arronz (ice/mace), putting him at 14.
6 levels on my Controller alt, Jake Tectonics (earth/kinetics), putting him at 6

If you can't tell, i like uncommon and underused power set combinations, muahaha.

Now that my bragging's done, here's the meat of the post. I've yet to level up on Final Point and really didn't bother playing Drek in anticipation of issue 3. To anyone on test: How are tankers working now adays? I know what the changes are, but how are they in practice? Any high level scrappers on test: best power pool? Weapons struck me as worthless, and Darkness semms pointless for spines since we have ranged immobilize and slows. Is body mastery any good? And to all you controllers, how does earth stack up against the rest at later levels? i see remarkably few of them.
PARAPPA (connieleeee)

Triumph server

Here is a the best screenshot my friend took tonight. I want more heroes in it and maybe a little closer (but defenitly not bad for a few mins of broadcasting) and I know this was last minute

so I am planning on trying again Wed the 5th at 9 pm eastern Wed the 12th at 10:30 eastern for anyone who would like to come out.

Any advice or tips or if anyone just wants to show up to help me take a really good screenshot I would appreciate.

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The screenshot will be part of a graphic i make for this community and as well as entering a version of it in the wallpaper contest that the main website is having.

So please pelase please tell all your friends and come out so I can have a sea of heroes in the shot..

Also any suggestions on a really good place to have it would be nice...