January 3rd, 2005




Over the last few days, I've been busy making a few characters—characters I might conceivably want to play someday, to have them ready and in place before update 3 goes live so they get the benefit of that free respec.

And it occurred to me...there just aren't that many other archetypes I really want to play, but I have plenty of slots to spare to try new things.

So, in the interest of trying something new, I'm throwing it open to you-all. In your comments to this post, please describe your three (or one, or two, or four, or whatever, but three seemed like a nice round number to ask for) very favorite archetype/primary power/secondary power/power pools combos. I'm not asking for exact build specs, because it makes my eyes go all swirly trying to read and make sense of them, but do mention what you think the three or four must-have powers are. And you don't have to list every power pool but at least say what travel power you recommend. And then write a paragraph or so about why this is one of your favorites, what really cool tricks and tactics you like to use, and so on. I'm not asking for a dissertation, just a TV guide blurb or advertising leaflet. :) For example, my favorite class at the moment is the...
Dark/Dark Defender: The best of the Defender classes in my opinion, combining a little bit of Emp Def, Bubble Def, the herding ability of a Tanker, the mez ability and pets of a lightweight Controller, and the propensity to damage of a Blaster. Fitness pool a must; Hasten very beneficial in the late game (for the pets); works well with Superspeed as a travel power I'm told but I prefer a 3-dimensional movement power like Flight. Favorite tricks: Darkest Night herding (though this is going to be severely crippled come update 3's 100-yard-range-limit), alternating the two cone attacks (Tenebrous Tentacles & Nightfall) to gnaw away at enemies while they're locked down, and having a Kinetic Fulcrum Shift me into the stratosphere before dropping the Blackstar nuke attack. I also like soloing with three pets out; between them they can lock down bosses several levels higher than me, and even archvillains, and they spam heals so often that I'm almost healthier than if I were duoing with an Emp Def.
My two most commonly-played characters are an Emp/Electric/Flight/Teleport Defender and a Dark/Dark/Flight Defender, and I'm starting to play around some with Defenders of other types. I've had a Blaster or two, a Scrapper or two, and a Tanker or two; enjoyed the Blasters and Scrappers the most, and about the only thing I couldn't get into was Controllers, but it could be I just haven't tried the right ones yet.

So, please post your advice? Perhaps other folks who've got slots to spare will find some useful ideas here as well.


First of all let me say that this game is mightily addictive. More than any other game I've played that is for sure -- there is just so much to do and so much to build upon. Good job NCSoft. Now I need rehab.

So, over the holiday weekend I dinged 3 levels on my main. I went from 26 up to 29 with Fleshfurnace, Blaster Fire/Dev. At 26 I started my voyage up by soloing level 30-32 minions in Brickstown -- 256+ XP per. Cloaking device is my friend. :) And who said there wasn't reward in risk...

My alt, Negative Winter (ice/ice Blaster) had significant progress going from Level 11 to Level 16 in just one day. (Hunting herds of werewolves w/ SG members at Portal corp sidekicked to a level 45 yields excellent XP!).

Thanks goes in part to all the great discussions I've read over here and all the posters who I have learned so much from. Great community.
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I didn't feel like playing some of my other characters because none of the people I played them with were on, so I dusted off an old alt, Vulcanix, my fire/stone tanker. He was halfway to level 8, so I did a couple missions to get him there.

Anyways, as I hit 8 I was invited to a team to do some street sweeping in the Hollows, and decided to join. The guy that invited was an fire/ff controller and we got a blaster as well, both level 6. We started off fighting mobs mobs level 6-8, but I was getting bored when I got an idea. I suggested I try to herd people, and they said sure and so off I went. It's something I've always wanted to try.

It was a hoot. Lots of fun getting a bunch of bad guys chasing you and seeing this huge mob running after ya. Then you jump over a wall and with a couple quick blasts 9/10 of them are dead and the rest are mopped up quickly enough. Even though most of the things I was pulling were 2-3 levels below me, I gained really great experience.