January 4th, 2005

Mildly Naughty

OK.. I hate clone characters, and have never had one myself...but...I was a bit naughty... I watched The Fifth Element and that gave me an idea...one that would not go away...so I made Leylu on Virtue...totally expecting to get my butt chewed out. Amazingly I got alot of compliments on my theme character... I guess its only naughty if you make a clone of a Marvel or DC char due to the Super Hero thing... anyway..I could not resist showing her off... have not played her alot yet, but she is fun =)

The Fifth'Element LVL 2 Inv/Str Tank


I was logging on Test (Training Room) to play some of the low chars I have there, when I saw another server on the list....Shiboleth... I was curious so I attempted to log in... got no where...its still in the list now for those of you who play on test....question being...what is that server for?


so #3 has gone live.

As anyone been able to get in yet...when I try to log onto a server it tells me something about "wrong protocal" and I need to latest verson of the game. I'm assuming there is some little tweek they haven't done yet to let us in?

all is right in the universe...I'm in.

panic over...nothing like having a day off an not getting my fix..

Khel who?

I've been trying to find some backstory to the Kheldians but haven't been able to find any. I read the Paragon Times article and the Feature Updates which doesn't really give details as to how they merge... Is it symbiotic... etc etc.

Does this information exist, or are we to make it all up?

I want a character biography before I play, damn it!
PARAPPA (connieleeee)

(no subject)

I was tickled pink when I started to load coh today and it says issue 3 went live! I have been waiting for the free respec to fix my poor character back to the way she was. So I am really down because you can't get your free respec yet. I mean all the other stuff that comes with issue 3 is great but all that matter to me was the free respec.. then I am sure once I fixed it I would be happy aBOUT THE REST.

But I am trying to log on.. and on the password screen the log in button is shaded out so I can do is exit the game. What is wrong?
Game Over

Help A Hero Out

Okay. I love COH. I've got tons of characters, I've gotten a Scrapper up to level 36...I've invested tons into this game. My affection for it thus far has never really been a problem.

Now, however, I am starting to feel the grind. I am thinking of the Kheldians, I am thinking of how far I am from 50...and it's making me contemplate shifting my focus to a potentially more rewarding experience, World of Warcraft.

I now put the call out to my fellow heroes - Please give me some good reasons to not pick up WoW. I know the whole thing with CoH is "everything is coming, everything is on it's way"...however, none of the stuff coming down the pipe (aside from PvP) seems all that enthralling. WoW seems to offer a much deeper experience for the amount of time it's asking me to invest.

Just thoughts and opinions, really. Thanks in advance, and I hope I don't piss anyone off :)
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Issue #3 CharGen

So, I got to play a little bit of Issue #3 before work, and it looks cool. Got the Hollows badges, but didn't get to see any Kheldians (dman you level 50 slackers!!!) or, what I really want, the Ghost Ship.

I do have a question here: have they added/updated/changed any of the tools on the Character Generator? New hairstyles, costume accessries/JACKETS????

Also, I changed the difficulty slider from the default 'hard-boiled' to the next level up, 'tenacious' D. haven't had a chance to see what this actually does, though. Anyone played with the slider? (Wow, that sounds dirty.)


Muchos gracias to all who offered council on my last post. This specific point in the CoH tapestry (city_of_heroes) seems to be free of raving jackholes, and it is a fact I am truly appreciative of. It is an place far different from a bunch of what I've experienced on Champion Server. j00 guys r0x0rz.

Not sure what I'm going to do yet...probably play both. It's going to be kind of hard to justify the expense of two MMORPGs if I like WoW, but I do get the free month. We'll see what happens.

Once again, thanks a ton :)
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(no subject)

I always believed that Empathy: Resurrect, Radiation: Mutation, and Dark Miasma: Howling Twilight were always balanced because they all had their ups and downs: Resurrect is a simple rez that cost the most END (out of the three) to use; Mutation brought back a hero with increased accuracy, damage, END recovery, and attack speed, but suffered from the disorient effect it placed on the hero; and Howling Twilight can revive more than one hero at a time, uses the least END (out of the three), but needs an enemy to drain for it to work.

But now that the disorient effect has been removed from Mutation and they increased the duration of its buff, how does that bring balance to the three powers? It just doesn't seem fair for Mutation to cost less END than Resurrect, have the best buffs out of them all, and no longer suffer from the disorient effect it once had. Does anybody have any idea why they did this?

No more glowy sound?

So I played a little today on Guardian... Um... I think they needed to do a little more work first, judging from the map server situation.

Also, noticed that they changed sounds and such... most importantly glowing objects no longer sound off when you are near them. That sucks.  I wonder why they did that?

Another disappointment...

While it's nice that at level 41 you can get the ancillary pool powers, and at level 50 you can make a Kheldarian, as a mid-level player (my main is level 23) I am finding it a little disappointing that I have to wait almost twenty more levels for any of that, and that seems like forever.Yeah, there's new missions and stuff, but it would be nice if I could get something more useful than the cape, you know? I think that Level 41 for ancillary powers is too long to wait.
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Delay with everything except movement

My friend is having a problem in game with lag.  It's not the usual update lag, it's lag of everything but movement for 1 minute to 5 minutes.  Reboot of the game and computer hasn't helped.
Ideas anyone?

I need a partner to team with, otherwise I have to scrap.  Teaming is much more fun when traveling to new places.
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