January 5th, 2005

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Oh man...

I was doing Frostfire's mission in The Hollows with a pickup team, playing my controller F'rosta.

Ok, this might sound a little odd... But try to follow me. Hopefully those who've done the Frostfire mission a few times will know what I'm talking about...

Right after that room with the ice halfpipe, there's one of those boxy hallways (where you have to run around a big solid square 'room' and the hallway is otherwise straight). The hall connecting the room with the box hallway is straight, turns left, then turns right again so it's basically straight with a little turn in the center.

Anyways, there are always-- always-- enemies right around that turn, so I'm in the habit of running up to it, but standing by the corner so I'm out of LoS. Frequently, other people will run right past me and incur much wrath.

So on this pickup team, the leader is... shall we say, not too bright. As an example, twice he nearly died because he ignored my warning and took the front set of elevators, aggroing a mob nearby. Both times were on the exact same set of elevators with the exact same mob, the second time being immediately after retreating and healing.

So this guy runs past me, a battle we're unprepared for ensues, and we all manage to narrowly escape. So we lick our wounds and go back. He does the exact same thing, dying quickly and the rest of us run away.

He rezzes... waits for his health to come back up naturally since he already rested (and he's waiting at the bend in the hallway) and as soon as he's at full... He runs forward 5 feet, back into the same mob's LOS, and dies for a third time.

The 4th time we finally got him to wait for everyone to be ready...
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About this mission slider thing... I'm not seeing any "slider". I went to the Hero Corps guy in SC, paid for my invincible status, but I see no way of changing my status without going to another field agent. My scrapper hasn't had any problems so far (she's actually having to use inspirations other than blues though).

However, there is always the chance something will go awry, or that I'll be close to leveling and don't want to yet. Or a mission will be loaded with Guardians and I don't feel like having my rear handed to me every corner I turn. So where is the slider part? Or is this just another misnomer in the game? I'm guessing this is just another way for us to waste influence if we want to go back and forth....
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I just realized something. The "grind" is not a grind when there are fantastic people to team with.

Thank you Tragic Form, Nox En Lux, Kalisti, all the Hellspawns, Taxibot X, Taxibot 1, Taxibot 7, Taxibot Gypsy, Critus, all the taxis, . . . and everyone else out there who really makes the game more than just a game for me.

~ Super Goth, Triumph
~ Taxibot 2, Virtue
~ and many others

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Okay, I know clickes no longer have the noise, and in missions with a count, you dont know HOW MANY people or bombs or whatever. Fine, I know its in prep for the skillsets. Fine.

But I had a rescue mission in Oranbega and baddies just kept disappearing. I'd start attacking two or three, and by the time I'd killed first guy, the others would literally fade away. Freaky as that is, its ANNOYING, because now I have a hostage who wont stop cowering because one of her guards faded before I could kill him.

I think the ones who faded may have reappeared at another point on the map, I ran to the beginning and found baddies at half health. But I've been all over the map again and its clear, and she's still cowering. ANNOYING.

Ive sent a message to the GMs, but they must be slammed tonite. Ten mins and no response. Goddamnit.

Mish seems to have fixed itself. I went around the map AGAIN to see if I'd missed baddies. knowing full well I HADNT. But there were three baddies. Took them out, and BOOM, there's the hostage, from halfway across the map to my location in half a second, thanking me. Mish complete. Whatever. Weird.

hunting the Octopus

I was playing as one of my mains on Triumph when I was invited on this "Octopus-hunting" team. I thought they already had the octopus in their sight--turns out they're trying to get it to spawn. We spent an hour attempting to chat with Indie Port strikers and killing Family until I decided to give up (oh well, i got 75% of a bar filled and close to lvling).

That being said... HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET THE FREAKING THING TO SPAWN?... pardon the yelling.

i'm sure there's still a lot of rumors circulating at the moment about the "method" to spawn the octopus, but have anyone here encountered it? Is it just random (and rare)? What does it have to do with the strikers and the Family?
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Final Point grabbed Focused Acuracy out of the body mastery pool. Now, my plan is grab that and laser beam eyes because, well, that's just a damn cool name! To all you blasters, is conserve power worth it? does it require much slotting to be useful?

Focused accuracy, by the way, is immensely useful. Slotted a little more (i'm thinking 3) it could replace an accuracy SO in my attack powers so i could go 5dmg/1acc instead of 4dmg/2acc as i have now.

If conserve power is crappy i'm gonna grab soul transfer and murky cloud. if it is, i'll take murky cloud and forgo soul transfer... I still have a respec sitting around, so with that and the free one, i should have some wiggle room.

Oh, and northern cross has ALMOST unlocked the Burkholder TF. If you're on virtue, look him up.
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Has it taken anyone else 10+ minutes just to get logged into the game after installing the issue #3 stuff? (Mind you, I'm playing this on a computer I bought just last spring in order to be well ahead of the minimum requirements for the game.)

Updated to Add: I force-quit the application, reloaded, and it ran as smoothly as ever the second time around. So I guess all's well.

Not dead

Man, I go away for the holidays and miss everything!

Spent Christmas and New Year's away, and when I got back, had to start packing since I'm moving across the road. So Issue 3 went live without me... Just to let everyone I play with know that I'm still alive and will see you all after this weekend, with any luck.

Can't wait to hit Striga Isle for real.
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Paragon Weather Report

Paragon City is bracing for an invasion of a different kind. There’s a massive freeze building up north and it’s sweeping down towards our usually temperate city. Time to cover your plants, get the pets indoors, and find those thermal socks. It’s going to get cold. Very cold. Check out the Paragon Times article for more info.
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Looking to trade Inf from Victory to Virtue, Pinnacle

Is there anyone out there with a high-level character on Virtue or Pinnacle, but low-level on Victory? I have a high-level character on Victory, and I'd like to move some of the Influence she has just sitting around to my low-level alts on Virtue and Pinnacle. In order to do that, what I'd need to do is find someone in the opposite situation (with high-level on the other server and low-level on Victory) and give his Victory character X Influence, then his character on the other server would give my character there X Influence.

I'd also be willing to do this for people on other servers from Victory; if I don't have a character on that server I can go ahead and create one.

Any takers?
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Two Things

1. Is there an in game reason why they don't put a store/enhancement trainer in King's Row? Three updates later and there isn't a single one. There are people who can change your mission difficulty and a trainer in KR and at least one enhancement trainer a store, or both in every standard city zone except the ones where it starts becoming useless (ie, Bricks, Peregrine, FF, etc), but KR just can't get just one. Am I missing some part of the story here?

2. Are the Werewolves supposed to be burping at me? The howling and roaring is nice and all, but I immediately burst out laughing when I rush this big scary thing and it belches at me. Too much Dr. Pepper Mr. Wolf?
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macro / bind question

Being a fire tanker, there are annoying times when some villain shuts off all my toggles. What I'd like to do is have a macro (or a bind, I'm not picky) that turns all my stuff back on. I tried doing something like

/macro "Get Up" "powerexec_name Combat Jumping$$powerexec_name Firey Aura$$powerexec_name Plasma Shield"

The problem is, when I click it, it just turns on the first one. Then, the next time I click it, it turns off CJ and turns on Firey Aura. And so on.

How do I turn them all on in sequence?

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Can a 41+ blaster tell me the names of the powers in the ice epic power pool? Descriptions would be even better, but I'm just curious as to what powers I'll be taking for my lvl 41, 44, 47 and 50 powers.
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Little help here?

Ok so I'm level 37, 2 bars (actually less) away from 38. One small problem. I'm out of missions!!! ARGH!! Back when I was 9 trying to get to 10 grinding my way there wasn't a big deal. Now that I need over 1 mil exp it's a whole other kettle of fish. Anyway, my point is if there's anyone on Guardian with any door missions they wouldn't mind company on I'm so up for it. Character name is Ethan Gilchrist.