January 6th, 2005

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Thank god i kept a spare respec....

Body mastery's Focused Aim? Suck, in practice. I already run 5 toggles during a normal battle, but focused accuracy really throws my end regeneration out of balance. I can only use it when i have RA on me and not get exhausted.

I saw darkness mastery at work, and the hold looks awesome. I'm going to grab that.

Just wa warning: if you run lots of toggles, DON'T GET focused accuracy.
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Tips for a beginning Tanker?

I've created my first Tanker, and feel like i am failing miserably. At level 6, i've already seen the inside of the hospital at least that many times. I would really like to turn in to one of those tankers people line up to play with. Tips? Strategies? (stone/stone if that matters to anyone. so far, i think my slotting is good, so im not bothering to ask about that)

~Hurtz (Triumph server)
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I love the difficulty slider! I changed it to Invincible and now I get a good chunk of a bar from a mission, which used to be pretty pointless to run through at my level (39). A typical mission now gives a quarter-half bar (150k exp to a bar).

In fact... I just finished one mission that consisted of 2 outdoor missions... I started with around 740k, and by the end I had 1,036k! That's almost 300k exp from one mission!!!

I'll hit 41 in no time, now!
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I was in Talos yesterday when all of the sudden it got real dark and grey, then it was like the grey moved away.

I hope that's something in game and not the signs of a failing vid card...
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Argosyne spent five minutes on Striga, and already he's:

* Thrown a Family boss into the water, liquidating him(sorry, couldn't resist)
* Foiled a Warrior plan to blow up a Council warehouse by setting off the bomb right then and there, taking all the Warriors out

Also, I like the fact that I'm actually vulnerable to being hit again. Being godlike is nice, but only for so long. Takes all the challenge out of tanking.
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Additionally, I just had a council lieutenant whittle away about 80% of my health by doing two things:

1. Immobilizing me.
2. Staying just outside my range and hitting me with all kinds of freaky negative energy attacks.

Note to self, galaxy adjutants bad news.

The Mission Slider and Me

Hmmm. Okay, that's the mission slider. Well, let's bump this up a level or two.

*get into the mission*

Hey, this is pretty cool. It's challenging again to solo. Well, that's fun, it gives me mo-

*All but one shotted by boss.*

Hmm. Well, let's try this again.

*Chew up some inspirations, manage to do as much damage as I had health left from that one shot*


*Try some tactical variations, die*

Well, looks like it's time to turn it back down. Drat.

Is it me, or do the Boss revisions mix poorly with SR?
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Woo, I finally got my 4th costume slot on my main, Horus Guard!

Sorry for the crappy detail, figured it would be easiest to post the preview window so you can see what they all look like next to eachother.

Costume 1: Plain Ol' Horus Guard. Almost exactly the same as when I first made the character
Costume 2: Big Scary Horus Guard. Overall I think my favorite costume of his
Costume 3: Ceremonial Armor Horus Guard. Overall my least favorite... I go through bouts of loving and hating it. I keep changing it in minor ways.
Costume 4: Civilian Harry Gard. No relation to that famous hero Horus Guard. Nope, none at all...
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Onyx Faechilde (Guardian) made 24! And, got out of debt just two bubbles before leveling. I'm so freaking happy I can't tell you, I'm finally caught up with my husband's Grumble Butt (that's his toon *giggle*).

Couldn't have done it so fast if I hadn't accepted a team invite... Most disorganized event I've ever experienced, a hunt on Talos. But... I did it. :)

And, I did a timed mission by myself in record time (platonic solids) just before that.

May do more later but *guilty look* housework awaits.

Fire/Fire Tank Advice?

Just started a new tank Fire/Fire. I'm loving the char so far but I did have some questions. At the moment I'm sticking to upping the defense of Fire Shield along with a single end reduction. On Firey Aura I've got one Accuracy, End Recudtion, and Damage. Taking few attacks to just go for my defense as soon as possible. Basically the general idea is to be able to stand there and let Firey Aura wear down the enemies. Is this the best way to play a Fire/Fire tank or am I missing something?