January 7th, 2005


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I've been adding levels to my alts in Council warzones and have learned a couple of lessons in the process.

1) Controllers are still tough to play, even when you're supporting a big team that's chewing through underlings left and right. I got more debt than XP and gave up.

2) Any bad guys can learn superjump on the spot if you hover over their heads and snipe them long enough. How did those nebulas get up on the power lines? Me, baby! Me.

2) A misplaced spray of buckshot from a blaster can draw really, really, REALLY impressive amounts of aggro.
Kyt - *BlinkBlink*

It's the edge of the world!

EDIT: Huzzah! Thanks to a GM, the mission's been cleared. To my surprize, it was the end of a story arc! I'm a bit disappointed, though, as it was set as "task completed," and being a story arc, I'd have liked to finish it off right. Oh, well. Yina Draconaiis is happy cheese once more!

Wow... so, the other day, I encountered what looks like my first seriously borked mission. It's from Maggie Greene in Skyway City... take out all of the clockwork in lab, click the glowie. I got through the first two floors just fine, but on the third floor, I turned down one corridor, and it look like someone turned the lights off. Closer inspection revealed that it wasn't so much the lights were off, as the map tiles weren't even THERE. I could see the glowie (so close and yet so far!) just ahead, along with the sparking of some clockwork. The area doesn't look right on the minimap, either.

My point, and I do have one... has anyone else ever encountered this kind of glitch? I filed a bug report (mayhap I should have filed a petition, instead? I've never really had cause to report anything, before.)... but it's been two days (and a ding) since I first ran the mission. Any idea how long it takes for this kind of thing to get fixed? It's particularly frustrating because, since I can't finsih the mission, I can't clear it from my mission grab-bag (quite vexing).

Here's some screenshots to illustrate what I mean. They're quite large (in pixel dimensions) but under 100k each.

My glowie! ::reaaaaaaaach::

It's the edge of the world!

Let me check my map.... ACK!

Meh. I'm not really expecting anyone to know how to solve this, but if anything else, it's amusing and I didn't know where else to bitch. :B
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A Strange Night in COH (Power Leveling, Blinkys & SG's Oh My!)

In the world of COH I happen to have many real world friends that play, I even joined a Super Group with some of them. Unoftunately my SG has recently withered on the vine due to real life and is now almost defunct, thus I find myself Team Seeking quite often. Last night I received an invite and accepted, not realizing till I was in the mission that this random invite was from a character 10 levels above me. I was immediately offered an SK and took it. I dove in to the fight to be helpful, realizing full well that I was most likely going to perish quickly at the hands of the enemy, of which there had to be a 100 engaged in full combat.

I was gently reprimanded for entering the battle and told to look pretty and sit on the wall. Pardon me? You want me to do what? I was told to just watch and see. So a few minutes later this tank has run around and has aggroed all the baddies in the mission and draws them to one place, boom they are taken down in about a minute and the xp rolls in like I have never seen, Id say the average draw was 1500 a baddie. In the space of an hour I cleared 33 and was a bubble away from 35 when the mission leader decided the xp was no longer high enough for everyone. Now, I get what they mean by Power Leveling, I hadn't seen how it was really possible before.

Since about lvl 25 it has taken me weeks at a time to clear a level so color me suprised. I guess people do this thing all the time, unbenownst to myself. I wouldn't want to do that all the time as I enjoy the missions, the variety of play and role play. However, it was VERY nice, particularly for a Controller who does not really posess the ability to solo.

It felt a little bit like cheating though and if I believed in Kharma, I would believe that the wheel came for me immediately in the next mission, did I say mission? I meant task force, at least it felt like one. We spent a good two hours in a mission because we could not find the well hidden blinky in a very large landscape. Feldercarb! them not making noise is just a bloody curse!

I was also invited to join an SG of all Ice oriented players, Im definitely considering it.

Strange Nights Indeed


I'm thinking of doing the Synapse Task Force this week. You all were such help when I did Positron, I thought I'd come back for more advice. I know you need at least four people, and I know the TF deals with Clockwork. I'm a fire/fire tanker (lvl 18, probably going to be 19 or 20 by the time I do the TF). What do you think is the optimum number of people to do this with?

I'm now part of a SG so there are people i can count on a bit more than random team ups. Still, I'd like to try and find the best people suited. 8 Hours on positron made me never want to do a random TF team up again.

As for inspirations, I plan to carry mostly Endurance ones, as clock work totally drain my endurance. But I'm more than willing to listen to more experienced voices.

What? Am I kidding?

Your friendly neighborhood Invuln/Axe tanker Shadeuxthorne here with greetings to all.

First of all, let me say this: Since I have no toon higher than 22 and have been playing CoH since early October, I guess I just didn't have the basis of information to understand what Invulnerability folks have been on about since the advent of Issue 3. Damage has been boosted a bit for tankers and unyielding stance has been changed so you can move around. Those two things right there make the Big Dog a LOT more fun to play. I don't see myself as "nerfed" at all. If there's a balancing that's been achieved then BRAVO! I'm all about it.

If I seem naieve to the more experienced CoH gamers, then I duly apologize. However, I'm totally digging the changes and am thrilled to be hitting a bit harder now. (Beheader with a few well-placed SO's, by the way, kicks so much butt it's not funny).

Rumble on, gang!
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DM/Inv respec?

I know the Invulnerability set has been discussed quite a bit on here, but I've got some questions, given the changes to it in Issue 3.

My main on Virtue is a DM/Inv scrapper. back when I created him, I used zerovenomx's build for a DM/Inv scrapper. I was mostly soloing, and was quite pleased with the results.

Now, Issue 3 is out. in addition to the changes to Invulnerability, I am regularly grouping with the same folks. The two characters I team with most frequently are an Inv/SS tanker, and an Emp/Dark defender. Both are amazing players and do their jobs admirably. As a result, my health almost never drops below 50% (if it even drops at all). With the free respec coming up, I'm seriously reconsidering my build.

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Since I've got an awesome tank and healer in my regular group, I'm trying to get more damage output from the character, and focus less on his tanking abilities. However, I don't want him to be a complete pushover. Is Resist Elements even worth taking, if I'm not going to slot it? Would I be better off taking Dull Pain earlier (possibly in its place)? Also, with Resist Physical Damage, Temporary Invulnerability, and Unyielding all stacking now, when should I slot each of them, and how much should I slot each one?

Thanks in advance for any input.

Hey all

Hi there, I've been playing COH for about 5 months and was looking for a good community.  This sure looks like the place. 

What does everyone think of the squiddys???  I think they are a cool addition.. something rewarding for the lvl 50s.

Cya~ Deedlit 31 emp/def

Freedom Server



Possible naming faux pas *blush*

EDIT: After giving it some thought, I am going to delete this toon and remake her with a new name... I just can't stop blushing every time I think of that name. *blush* I told my husband and he laughed so hard he had tears running down his face.

Um... I just created a toon, and desperate to come up with a name I thought hard, being as my first couple of picks were already taken

The toon has cat ears and tail, shiny gold metallic with tiger stripes, and long very blond hair. She's a Claws/Regen Scrapper.

OK, gold, blond, cat... Brings to mind the name Precious....

Last name hm... Something to do with Claws... What do claws do? They slash!

Precious Slasher... Wait, not enough letters...

Precious Slash!

Yes, it took it!

Half an hour into playing I turned beet red as I realized how that name could be taken so very wrong.


Now I'm embarrassed and scared I'll get into trouble for my toon having what might be considered a naughty name...

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I'd like some input regarding a small annoyance I've been wondering about for a while now.

When I use "unselect" in a bind or macro, it doesn't get me out of battle stance. But the escape key, as far as I can tell, only has "unselect" bound to it by default.

So, I guess my question is this: What is the command to use in binds or macros to get a hero out of battle stance?