January 8th, 2005


Not so happy.

Scene: Anti Matter mission. Level 47, all minions.

Me: Inv/SS Tanker. For the record, my resists are 5 slotted, Inv is 6 slotted (5 Dam resist 1 tohit), all other Inv powers are at least 5 slotted with defence.

I went into a mob of those radiation robots, they brought me down to a sliver of Hp in seconds. TI, UStance and Invince running.

I'm.. Not very happy with this. No defence against ranged? I'm a walking 2800hp blaster. :(

Say what you want about US being mobile and blah blah blah it's so much easier and Inv deserved this, but what I have to say is this sucks. The 41 Regen Scrapper with *PERMA* MoG could tank them better than I could. What am I? A level 50. These minions that were -3 to me almost had me on the laboratory ground.

Pardon the language, but this is bullshit.
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Oh, man... I'm officially depressed...

I recently hit 40, and so have been happily doing Tina Macintyre's portal missions. I enjoy them because they really fit into my character's concept well (to recap, based on Stargate SG-1, and from another dimension, vowed to protect earth).

Anyways, the very first mission she gave me... had an AV. Whiskey tango foxtrot? Just a plain old one-shot mission.

Eventually I found someone to help me clear it out. My next mission began a story arc, and a damned cool one at that which involved visiting an orbital space station in another dimension multiple times. But anyways, several missions into it... I get another AV. Ok, that's fine. That's to be expected. A guy in my SG helps me waste him pretty quickly.

Surprisingly, this wasn't the end of the story arc. No, not by a long shot.

2-3 more missions and then... ANOTHER AV! This is where my story today starts. I'm playing with a couple people from my SG and a couple other random people. This AV... oh boy... this AV has Moment of Glory! We got her down to around 1/10 life, then all of a sudden she MoGs! By the time MoG wears off, not only has her health regenned to around 40%, but we had a TPK. So we finally finish her off. 160k debt.

Next mission. Back to the planet with the orbital space station, this time planetside, in a forested area. Oh, cool, wolfies. We run around and do things that would get us a severe bitch slapping from the SPCA, when eventually while fighting one mob one of the enemies in a nearby mob says something. This is odd since none of the enemies in the map had said anything as of yet. I cycle through them all and... ANOTHER ARCH-VILLAIN!.

Another TPK ensues and, 190k in the hole, I decide that I've hit my debt limit for one day and log.
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Two questions

I've been playing for a couple of weeks with the DVD edition and love it, but I have two questions. My main character is on Virtue, named Flu Bug a M/Con. up to lvl7.

1. I'm on a mission to deal with the trolls in the Hallows. I'm supposed to talk with a contact, Lt. Wilcott. BUT... he won't show up on the Nav compass or the map. So I've spent hours and shoeleather looking for him with no luck. Can ANYONE tell me where to find him? My contact Pedro doesn't give me the info, just a clue about briefing.

2. Just WHAT is this Respec everyone is buzzing about?

My other two main characters on Virtue are Proteus One Tech/Con., and Proteus Prime, a Tech/Blast. I'll see ya around town I'm sure. HaVE PITY ON US LOW LEVEL GUYS... Remember watching "MYSTERY MEN"?

Exemplar weirdness

I ran into a weird exemplar bug and I was wondering if anyone else had seen it. In playing with an exemplar, whenever we change zones or leave a mission, the exemplar loses about 100 hp. Unexemplar and no hp lose. Exemplar again and 100hp down with each zone change (we didn't find out if you could actually die this way, but the effect is cumulative)

Anyone else seen this? (Yes I bugged it)
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- finally hit 40 -

Behelit has hit 40.. after a month of no game play due to a faulty video card (heat damage to my 9800xt) finally replaced it, and was back in the game around issue 3 launch!

did some exploring using my fav power ever. phase shift.

this is what came out of this

(pics very large and behind cut)
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I am seriously getting annoyed with the game...

So my friend and I go to Icon to get the new transparent cape, he has the option available and I dont.

Whats the deal?

And no he dont have the dvd edition.