January 9th, 2005



Hey all, during new years one of the people in an SG I am in wanted me to come to a new years even party at the Paragon Dance club... I was busy so I never got to go, but now I am wondering...I have heard of it elsewhere and have seen SG members listed as being there in game...where is it and how do I get there? lol


Positron with the family -the most grueling experience of my life

So we decided we'd do Positron with the family. We tried it last week when we were 12, 12, and 13, and quit into the the 1st mission. "Oh, the first is the hardest, after that it gets easier," I was told here and elsewhere.

We started at around 2:00 PM yesterday, my 19 year old son (level 16 Invuln/SS tanker), my husband's secondary toon (level 13 Rad/Dark Defender, almost 14), and me (level 13 Temp/Psychic Blast Defender.) We ended around 12:30 AM, after dying in (what I hope was) the last mission with the clockwork and the Vazhilok countless times. We were all tired, sore, and irritable. I leveled once, I think my husband leveled once (and was close to leveling a second time) and my son leveled twice.

We played without taking a break, even ordered out for Pizza (my son's treat) and ate while we played. First two or three missions were tough. Then it wasn't too bad, aside from the mapserver woes. Once it even booted us from the server entirely. My husband and I scrambled to get back on to find that my son was now team leader.

And then we got to the Vazhilok/Clockwork mission and suddenly instead of yellows and whites, my husband and I were seeing red and purple again. Oh my gods! It was too much. My son decided, his character dead, at midnight that he needed to go to bed so he could be up at 4:00 to get ready for work. That left us two defenders, and we were dropping like flies. We finally decided we had enough and quit and went to bed ourselves.

My opinion, that was too much. It took way, way too long and about burned us all out on the game.

Is this what we have to look forward to with the rest of the game? Is it not playable with only 2 to 3 players anymore? We like to either solo or play as a family. And, frankly, if you get more than 4 or 5 people on a team, it becomes too confusing.
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Sorry this is late....

I seem to really enjoy playing City of Heroes; neglectig my posting habit from it.

Some things of interest:

* This week's events are The Consumer Electronics show and a Porn Convention...YAY! Had a customer on a Segway (the 2-wheel hightech scooter) dine here. Wish they offered these as rentals on the strip!

* I made a cool deal and bought an electric scooter myself! Called a Voy; see it on www.electrausa.com Looks like a red italian bike and reminds me of a joke by Eddie... "Chowwwwwww" didn't think I was old enough for a "Rascal"? It's a trainer for my thought on getting a motorcycle this Spring/summer.

* Work seems to still be there; no more talk of lay-offs. We lost another Ass. Mgr (one I liked) but have a nice new Gen. Mgr... seems to like my work.

* Yes... it did snow here the other day. flakes the size of golfballs. This of course was very disorientating to the golfers. So yes, Virginia... Hell does occasionally freeze over. And according to Penn&Teller- "Evil, as it seems... has TWO names"

* Bought the new book by Mona Charen... haven't had a chance to touch it.

*Lord Remo now exists on CoH, virtue server. A dark/dark controller, 5th lvl. Looks like a broad, squat Blues Brother.... yaknow, like ME!

That's all I got today.

Now... ON PATROL!!!

Seriously Considering...

Leaving CoH now! I've really enjoyed this game until this new boss change. My highest toon is a lvl 34 blaster. I was doing a DE timed mission and had an orange boss. I died three times fighting him and barely put a dent in his hit points. Each time I fought him, I used a different strategies to take him out. I ate many inspirations in and that didn't help. So I gave up! I don't like to team that often and that's why I picked a blaster so I wouldn't have to. Yeah I know scrapper are suppose to be the AT that can solo best, but up until this update I was soloing fine. I would die on occasion, because of a mistake on my part. I consider my toon's build a good one and my play style as cautious. I didn't start playing this game to get frustrated and accumulate debt and slow my lvling to a crawl. I'm not sure what's going to happen if Dev's will roll back this change or not. Some of my friends have already cancelled their accounts and I think I'm next.
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Play Style

Okay, I am at work and bored out of my giggi (or however Foxxy Love says it) and that last post got me thinking.... what is everyone's preferred play style with this game? Personally, and I know of at least one unnamed person who just happens to be one of our lovely moderators :) thinks I am a bit daft for playing this way, I prefer to solo. That is just my typical anti-social ways creeping into the game, plus it also suits my character's concept better (Ghostwolfe, 24.7 DM/Reg Scrapper, Virtue) and usually have a pretty darn good time doing so. I have grouped on occasion when necessary (Patient Zero being one), even with my favourite squid-changing Kheldian mentioned above :) yes, this is a MMORPG and it encourages group-playing just like every other MMORPG. If they have incorporated a difficulty slider for how hard missions are, could they not also conceivably put one in for adjust the level of solo-ability to the game, thereby making the game more solo-friendly if desired and also setting themselves more above the standards of other MMORPGS. (Keep in mind, the only OTHER MMORPG I have every played is a short sitnt in EQ and EQ2). I like teaming up with other heroes on occasion, and yes it is fun, but a0my computer sucks and sometimes can't handle it and b)I actually LIKE playing solo. I knwo I can always resort to palying console-style games like Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights, both of which I like playing, but I love CoH and the entire world of Paragon. i just like exploring them solo. I don't have any "real life" people I know who play the game, and have met a lot of cool people who do, but I am also finding myself in a position where I don't always have lots of time to play, and I haven't really taken it upon myself to look for an SG. So, i am just curious as to what other people's takes on the solo vs. team debate are.
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(no subject)

Okay, here's a question... I have played COH for about two moths now and love the game. My main Character is on a friend's account named Health Knight on Champion, a pure emp defender who has a LOT of good karma built up in him with other toons for just healing/reviving for free on the fly. Now, my question is that I'm wanting to get my OWN account. Would I have to start HK over from scratch, or is there any way I can have him switched over to my new account when it's activated. It'd suck to have all that hard work in leveling & badge-hunting have to be trashed, to be honest. I dunno, what do you all think? I've heard people say it can be done, and others say there's no way in heck to do it. Any thoughts?

Invul Changes, take 2.

Some of you out there have Invul Tankers and Scrappers, I want to hear what you think of the changes now that you've had time to play them.

My thoughts?


I got held twice with Unyielding up. And died. Yep. Three toogles running and she holds me. Blasts me. Then kicks my face to the curb while i'm trying to get my three toggles running again.

These changes officially blow.

As I whined about earlier about Invincibility being just shiny lip gloss now, well Unyielding is more like a Pedestrian Crosswalk. ..Er. You know what I mean, we get ran over! :P

Share your stories, Invuls. Good or bad.