January 10th, 2005


Mission slider and Respec

So I went on a respec yesterday and needless to say we failed but I will get to why in a moment.

We started things off and while quite difficult, most things were orange and red, we survived dand kicked a bunch of ass. Then we got to the reactor and all of the tanks were purple. We all were lv 34 and the bosses were lv 36, 37. The only thing that I could think of is that it was because the team leader set his slider to Invincible.

So we then tried it again this time the team leader was only Hard Boiled and things where tonns easier. If the controler that we depended on to get though most fights did not leave we would have comepleated the mission.

But any way I saw a post a little while back about TF's and mission sliders and that is what mostly sparked this post as well as the fact that I am far to lazy to try and find the blasted thing.

Rugged versus hard-boiled on a team?

If this is a repeat question I apoligize, but I have a question and was hoping someone here knew.

I raised my AR/Dev blaster from Hard Boiled to Rugged, and it's working great for him. Personal missions are now +1-3 mob wise and end bosses are consistantly +1. No big deal for him. My question is does this affect team missions when he's on a team? I grouped last night with him and the other players mission (Hard Boiled) turned in a deathfest real fast. No problems with players, characters all worked like a team, group was SK'd within 3-4 levels, just the mission (set at SL 16) kept spawning huge mobs of 18's, and I was worried that my personal choice might be affecting the whole team when i group now, which would really suck.

Any answers would be welcome. Thanks! Already got the answer, and a little bit of nastyness too. FYI, in case you missed it above, the mission wasn't my mission. What isn't above is the grouping was with people in my SG who knew I was at a higher difficulty, which is why we didn't do my missions. Thanks!

Instant Healing Question

I finally made 28 this weekend (after almost a full level of debt).
I took Instant Healing (as my character is a Regen Scrapper)

Any hints or suggestions on Enchancing this power? I know that you can no longer have Instant Healing and Intergration running at the same time. But, I just wanted to know how yall enchanced Instant Healing as I know it is a big Endurance Drainer.

*Ping!* Level 30!

Thanks to the assistance of my supergroup mates Hero Number 5 and Canyon Jim, Doc Momentum on Guardian server hit level 30 over the weekend!

I picked up Tough Hide. (At I want to take the moment to say that I actually like the Invulnerability changes. Other than the fact that I can't take on three orange bosses at once, the game is actually easier, more fun, and Doc Momentum fits my vision for the character better. And I should have never been able to solo a pack of lost that included three Orange bosses - that's just silly.)

As of reaching 30, I've started my 3rd costume mission, and my special effects mission. And I kicked my mission toughness slider up a notch. Good times!

(Oh, and for what it's worth, I was *THRILLED* to go from 29 to 30 without running out of missions. *THRILLED*. Though I am developing a severe allergy to timed mission.)
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So, I'm finally one of those l33t few who can make a Kheldian. I've made both a Peacebringer and a Warshade. Some insights:

Fly is -really really- slow at level 1. Really slow. Above hover, true, but only by a little bit. Endurance hog, still.

The powers are very pretty. Peacebringers get all kinds of sparklies and neat sounds, warshades have that neat umbral look to them and have a whole lot of nice little particle effects. Both have nice buttons, comparatively speaking.

I have to say I was sort of happy that a lot of people were disappointed by them. It made me cynical. So far, I don't see too much more terrible than a regular blaster. I see something with 'Quantum' in its name, it's the first to get hit and killed as QUICKLY as I can, because man that thing hurts a lot. Funny thing about Quantum guns, however. They hit both with the Kheldian SuperHitSpecial and a Negative energy piece. Well, both Kheld batches resist negative naturally, and that just strikes me as funny.

So, anyone else having fun with their Kheldians? I guess going from level 50 back to lowbie is harder for someone, but I've been playing a lot of low level alts lately, so maybe my perspective is just a bit different from those I usually play with..
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Man, that was TOUGH

Saturday night, my character MegaShock went badgehunting on Striga (woo. that zone got me FOUR kill badges. Sweet.), and someone from my supergroup (Paragon's Valiant Protectors on Virtue) said, "Hey, let's do the respec trial!"

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The next day I hit 37 and put two slots into Hasten to bring it to 6. Perma-Hasten is mine. It so very changes the nature of my combat tactics when I have that speed boost. I'm almost thinking about pulling out a pair of damages from Sniper Blast and putting in the Chronometic Manipulation (lower activation time) on Sniper, to see if that makes a significant change - any thoughts?
Gray Eagle

Wooo 27!

Yes, the Gray Eagle is back from retirement (again) and made it to 27 last night, thanks mostly to those pesky Council members and a Herr Ubelmann. With the difficulty set at Rugged I'm getting small groups (2-3) of yellow and orange minions, and 2000 XP for a completion, so I'm quite pleased with that - a typical mission gets me half a bar of XP, maybe a touch more.

I hope to flog up to 28 with my (slightly broken) build so I can add Stamina in with the free respec without losing any of my current powers (well, other than those I want to drop - Siphon Life and Dark Consumption :) ). Attacks are still an issue - I'm thinking of dropping Shadow Punch for Jump Kick - I'd lose a -ACC, but according to HeroPlanner the costs and recycle time are the same, but Jump Kick has a Moderate DAM. And I need more DAM. :)

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So how exactly DOES one power-level in City of Heroes?

I ask because I've been playing since May and my highest-level character's not even 25 yet, and I'm getting kind of tired of playing the mid-level game forever. I wouldn't want to do it with my main, but I'd at least love to see some of the high-level powers in action, and also I'd love my own kheldian. I'd just want to get one character most of the way to 50 so I could see all the cool high-level stuff, then probably just go back to playing my other characters at that point.