January 11th, 2005

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Maybe I am just being oversensitive but, I was so frustrated with City of Heroes last night...

I was playing as my level 31 empathy defender and I was working on a Circle of Thorns mission. It linked a mission from Talos Island to a mission by the TI gate in Founders Falls. OK, I was a little uncomfortable with that, but I went along to it and didn't have a problem.

After that mission was completed, it linked to another mission. This time the mission was in the FAR BACK CORNER of Founders Falls. For all of you that do not know what is there, it is mostly level 38 - 40 Devouring Earth. So I make it to the mission and get through it, walk out of the mission and see that I am surrounded by level 40 DE. I get one shot killed and now have more debt then what I need to level to 32.

Why the hell was my mission placed somewhere that was +8 levels to where I am currently at? Are the devs trying to kill me? I just thought that was really unnessary...

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Badge Disappearance

Does anyone else have badge disappearance issues? It seems like the Gearsmasher badge fell out of my list of achievements. I'm pretty sure I got it--I'm a level 30 scrapper. The option for the badge isn't even listed on the list anymore. Anyone know what gives?

Respec = New Filly!

So, with the new respec I will finally ditch Combustion and Provoke (!!) from Filly.

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She's only 33 at the moment, but I did the build up thru 40 so I know where I'm going with her. I can't wait for the Prestige Power pool choices in her 40s, as I ran out of powers I wanted post-35. Ended up taking Phase-shift (figures that might be useful in the 40+ game to get around). I also ended up dumping my last few Enhancement slots into Stealth (for the +Def) and Health (for the +HP). Since I respec'ed her on Test I have found the love that is a properly-orchestrated firebreath+fireball combo on minions. Orange minions. I can't wait to get bizzah on live with it. Filly was my first ever character, and I really didn't know what I was doing with her for the first 25 or so levels (q.v. Provoke and Combustion).
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Striga Isle weirdness

Finished the first Striga contact last night, Stephanie Peebles. She sends me to Long Jack to tell me where her ring was, then gave him to me as a contact. When I went back to him, he gave me this spiel about already helping him "find his past" and then gave me a new contact w/o giving me any mishes. Is this a bug? A fubar? I don't like having empty contact bars with no blue on them. Just curious if this has happend to anyone else.

Oh well. Free respec time!
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I need some advice. Right now Horus Guard is level 41, and pretty much what you'd expect from a claws/regen scrapper.

Anyways, someone mentioned that I could do perma-MoG, (Moment of Glory) so I tried it out with the respec on test and... well, I'm very, very impressed. I also took tough and weave. I was able to sit there and let a pair of +2 level Malta group sappers shoot me and even when they did hit, I regenerated the lost endurance quickly enough. This is with 6-slotted quick recovery and stamina. MoG hadn't been slotted at all, as I hadn't realized it gave increased regeneration too.

So now I find myself at a bit of a dilemma... First of all, I need to take the speed and teleport power pools. Perma hasten, plus I use super speed a lot when teleport is impractical, and teleport is my main travel power because, once it's 6 slotted, it's so much faster than anything else it's ludicrous. Up to now I had the fitness pool as well, although I'm thinking if I decide to go with perma-MoG, that might not be neccessary. I will, however, be running a lot of toggles (Integration, Tough, Weave, Focused Accuracy), so I don't know if MoG and quick recovery will be enough to support those and still let me fight. My last pool was leadership, which was a huge mistake and I'd been planning on replacing it with flight once I got another respec (for hover, to help with teleport, and because flying around with whirlwind is absolutely hilarious).

Also, maybe I'm just being silly here, but it just feels... wrong to abandon Instant Healing. Yet, if I go the perma-MoG route, IH will be totally useless to me. Are there any times I'd be better off with IH instead of MoG?

Additionally, I'm going to be pretty much incapable of exemplaring effectively. Well, I already am to some degree. But of the 3 attacks I'm taking, one is from level 1, one is from level 18 and one is from... above level 18 (second to last power in the set). I'll have punch from the fighting pool to fall back on, but that's not much.

To recap, here's what I'm thinking:

-Instant Healing
+Moment of Glory

Super Speed
Body Mastery (Epic)

So, any thoughts or insights would be appreciated.

(oh, one last quick question: With perma-hasten, what is the fewest number of recharge SOs needed for perma-MoG, assuming your SOs are all 1 level below you?)

Issue 3 Patch notes!

In a further effort to make sure nobody gets too powerful too fast, it is now 100% mandatory to have a travel power.

-Your contacts will be assigned as far away from your missions as possible, if not in another zone, every time.
-Your missions will be found in areas that are far too tough for you to walk or run through without dying. Please remember to have a full team every time you play. Somehow.

For your convenience, it is 100% mandatory to get Stamina ASAP.

-More baddies were added!
-Baddies got tougher.
-Your powers now consume more endurance, faster.

Whichever critical abilities you end up sacrificing from your main powersets so you can manage this is up to you. However, the less powerful you are meets developer requirements to make the game harder and take longer, so thank you for your patience.
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Respec and 1st secondary power

So can you not change your first secondary power? That was the only one I wanted to change on my Lvl 32 Fire Blaster. I never use my Fire Ring and I wanted to get something else. It's already picked when I try to use my respec. So I have to have that or what?
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/respec bug?

Has anyone tried the /respec yet?
It doens't seem to like Power Pools. I started to take Leaping, but then the next time I selected another power, the entire pool went away. Same when I went to do Concealment. When I select the next power, the Pool goes away. From someone who's done a"real" respec or this one properly, am I doing something inherently wrong? I hit "next" like it says to select next power and poof! no more power pool. ?
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I haven't had as much time to play since mid-November, so I've been sitting at level 40 for quite some time. I'm finally on the last bubble before hitting 41. Are there any special TF/missions I should be getting out of the way before leveling? I have not yet done my cape mission or aura mission, and the only respec I did was back at level 31 or so, the reactor mission. I think there's another one?

Also, any comments on the new power pools from those who've tried them? I'm a tanker Inv/SS.

Also also, can someone give me a fresh pointer on what I need to do for accolades?
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So I ran through the TV Trial yesterday in the afternoon, Argosyne, a level 24 invulnerability/superstrength tanker, taking it all the way to the streets with one warshade(someone already has a warshade to level 25, asdf!), two controllers, a defender, another tanker, a scrapper, and a very quiet blaster who dropped halfway through. We got MSD'd right before starting the reactor room portion, but otherwise it went well. I'm probably not going to use the respec, like, ever, but it's nice to have.

What really struck me as amusing, is that I took an almost unnoticable amount of damage from the radiation. I could have probably gone entirely without the rad shields, and still been fine.

Also, Warshades are wicked awesome. It's like the Best Hits of Controllers and Blasters collection. :D
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Looking for a few good builds

My Toon is Alpha Girl, a lv 17 SS/Inv Tanker on Virtue. With the respec coming down, I'd love to see some builds that incorporate Stamina. I have 3-slotted Temp Invulnerability and Unyielding, and 4 Slot Resist Damage, all DO's.

Is it wise to 6 slot Resist Damage? How about TI and Unyielding? Are Reduced Endurance DO's worth it?

Please, share your thoughts for a Supergirl clone.

Hob Auf!

How to perma-Elude?

Question for the number-crunchers:

I'm about to hit level 38, at which point I will be getting Elude (and you suckers thought I'd finally take a travel power, hah!).
I currently have Quickness and perma-Hasten.

How should I slot Elude so that I have it up permanently?

The correct answer is with perma-Hasten and Quickness, Elude requires four green recharge SOs to be perma-.

New question, this time for the bind experts:

How do I construct a bind (say, for the 1/End button on the Numpad) that will fire off Elude and ready Hasten to fire next after Elude?

The correct answer is: "/bind numpad1 "powerexec_name Elude$$powerexec_name Hasten"
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So I just delved into the wonderful world of binds, and I've discovered the following gem: you can /bind a key to use a particular inspiration, rather than just the lowest in a column; this opens up many new opportunities. I've compiled the following binds that I'm going to use, and think they're neato enough to share:
/bind f1 "inspexec_name Righteous Rage$$inspexec_name Focused Rage$$inspexec_name Enrage"
/bind f2 "inspexec_name Uncanny Insight$$inspexec_name Keen Insight$$inspexec_name Insight"
/bind f3 "inspexec_name Phenomenal Luck$$inspexec_name Good Luck$$inspexec_name Luck"
/bind f4 "inspexec_name Resurgence$$inspexec_name Dramatic Improvement$$inspexec_name Respite"
/bind f5 "inspexec_name Second Wind$$inspexec_name Take a Breather$$inspexec_name Catch a Breath"

What these will do is replace the default F1-F5 commands to instead trigger a particular type of inspiration. From what I understand, inspiration commands don't buffer, so only one inspiration will be used, and it'll be the one furthest to the right of each bind list that you have in stock (for instance, if you have a Righeous Rage, Focused Rage, and Enrage, your Engrage will be used). If you're the type to go for the strong stuff first, feel free to switch them around. Also note that I have Practiced Brawler, so I didn't bind Disciplines or Emerges. I also don't think that Awaken needs a bind, as you have plenty of time to open up that inspiration tray and pick which one you need when you're munching some tasty ground.
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This is my first time making an Invulnerability scrapper and as it's also my first time ever using Invulnerability I have no idea on how I should slot Invincibility. Is it worth six slotting? Also, what's the base defense of Invincibility before adding in the defense/accuracy bonuses given for foes in melee range? Any suggestions from those experienced with Invulnerability would help a lot.

If it helps, I plan on slotting out my other defenses like this:

Resist Physical Damage /DamRes
Temp Invulnerability /EndRdx,DamRes,DamRes
Unyielding Stance /EndRdx,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes
Resist Elements /DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes
Resist Energies /DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes,DamRes
Unstoppable /Rchg,Rchg,DamRes,DamRes,EndRec,EndRec

With this I roughly reach the 75% damage resistance cap on smashing/lethal and my damage resistance for Energy, Negative, Fire, and Cold caps out at 60%. I don't know what Unstoppable adds into those totals, but then again I only plan on using it as a 'Oh shit!' button.

Lag problems

I logged on today took my free respec and then went to class. Then when I got home and after doing some homeowrk, I tried to logg on and then met with some increadibly lagg issues. Takeing like 30-40 seconds for me to actually logg on with a character.

anyone else suffering this problem and know what is going on?

Now while I have not an optimal system for the game but even then things run better than this.

Any idea as to what is going on?