January 12th, 2005

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Just an update...

After some extensive testing, I've decided that I don't like perma-MoG. It just doesn't feel right. I've decided I'm just going to go with my current standard IH/Integration build, except of course 6-slotting int now that it accepts heals as well. I'm also going to add Dull Pain to my repertoire, because right now at level 41, when my enhancements are at their least effective, I can get near-perma dull pain, and a 40% boost in hit points is nothing to sneeze at. I've also decided I'm not going to take tough and weave because, frankly, I don't have enough endurance regeneration to keep those up along with focused accuracy, instant healing and integration.
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Every since Issue 3 was implemented I have noticed that the game eats up tons of memory. It used to only take up 250 Meg and stay there. Now it eats up 300 Meg and grows to 600+ Meg of memory usage.

I contacted tech support, but they have offered nothing in the way of support.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

Baby got back

Well, yesterday's respec was all I'd hoped for - Filly finally ditched those two useless powers (Provoke and Combustion), got perma-Haste and Invisibility instead, and changed the slotting on her attack powers. That, plus my experiences from playing a Scrapper, have brought back my love for the Flame Filly.

I spent 40 mins or so in the corner of FF, beating the snot out of CoT. My (safe) limits were 2 orange Lts and a few yellow minions, or 1 red Lt and no more than 2 orange minions. Or packs of orange or yellow minions. Either way, I was scoring between 800 - 1300 XP and double that in Influence for every group, with virtually no downtime at level 33 - and about a bar's worth of XP. Not too shabby, I think. Aim + Buildup + firebreath + fireball = pack of dead orange cons. :) Now to try the new missions at increased difficulty!

I also swapped out my civvies in my third costume slot, and went for a "Flame On!" look with a fiery aura. Quite spiffy. No pics yet, though. Soon! At the moment I'm too tingly with the thought of making the push to 40 and perhaps (gasp!) 50, where I hear you get a free squid.
Hob Auf!


I just beat the Winter Lord twice in Eden on Justice along with several members of the DOIDD. It was fun. I never heard anything about the event being released on Live, so this might've been a glitch. Oh well.

If anybody's interested, Aufheben's sporting the badge and is ready and willing to bean heroes with snowballs.

For those who are curious, I saw the Winter Lord spawn along the south wall (and immediately respawn once we dropped him). Be careful, he's a Giant Monster and perfectly capable of one-shotting (which he did to me the second time I fought him). He also seems to have an interesting new power called "dump you from the server," which sometimes triggers when you beat him.

Anybody know what the present inspirations do?

On the *bampf*

So after mucking about on test with various builds for a few hours I finally settled on only swapping out 3 powers for my repec.
Swipe was tossed and Boxing picked up (for future tough/weave plans) and the Leaping powerpool was replaced with Teleport.

It is my, admitedly new to the power, experience that there is one AT that can use teleport effectively as a combat and travel tool, and that is regen scrappers. Before repec my END bar didn't move. My health bar was all over the place but with QR(6) and Stamina (2) my end didn't move while running CJ, Stealth, Integration and Sprint. With teleport (and QR(6), Stamina (3)) I see some flucuation but I still only get just below half endurance after doing the length of IP. As a side note TP is sloted with 2 range enhancers and no end reducers.

I'm very happy with it, even that half bar is back in 10-20 seconds once I land (and mind you this is running INT(2 endredux, 2 heal) and Stealth(1 defense) all the while.) That being said I will not be taking TP for my D/D Defender, I'll be respecing RF out for Hover and taking fly at 14.

As a side note, what are some good powerpools for Dark defenders? I'm taking Flight and Fitness, and am consdering what else: Concealment, for phase shift? Leadership for the hefty Defender buffs? Speed for hasten and a second transport power?
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Here's a screenshot of one of my alts, Pyrita. Currently level 17. Fire/fire blaster. I think it's a really kickass picture and have a 1280x1024-sized copy as my wallpaper.



I just spent 45 minutes watching people throwing snowballs, looking for snowmen -- finding NONE -- and getting no helpful advice when asking where they were. So I figured I'd ask the good people here.

Being rude to a Taxibot isn't cool, but these people were ignoring the requests for help ... one person finally teamed with me, and we spent 30 minutes hunting to no avail.

All over the Hollows, across Skyway City, into Atlas and Perez. NOTHING.
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