January 14th, 2005


Perma-Accelerate Metabolism/Hasten

OK, so exactly how many slots does it take to make this possible? So far I have 6 in Hasten and 5 in AM, and I THINK that does the trick, but I'm not 100% certain. So , if anyone has any info about this, I thank you in advance.
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More Updates (Currently on the Training Room test server)

As with each of the big updates thus far, there've been some lingering bugs bothering people since Issue-3's release. Currently on the test server are fixes to many of those things:

Again, these are *not* live yet, but in-testing. I'd imagine they'd go live within a week, if it's business as usual

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Edit: Also, for those interested, here are some screenshots of the FX for the new (stackable) Dark Armor and Stone Armor

New Dark Armor
More Dark Armor

New Stone Armor

Official FOrums thread with More Pics, both Dark and Stone Armor(Check out Granite Armor! Looks like the DE Boulders)
Zazie the Beast

(no subject)

So I logged on today thinking that I would do nothing that involved with the winter dealie. I did two missions before my contact gave me a kill 40 skyraiders (I don't know why he gave that to a 41, i haven't seen any sky raiders past the level 30). I went to TV and asked if frosty was around and he was... But was i suprised...
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AT Inquiry

Can one of you kind people tell me what AT's the trainers, TF's and Statesman is. I want to do a wallpaper for the contest with some of them but I don't know what archetypes they are. HELP!