January 15th, 2005


Just a note

The mission difficulty setting of the TF leader does indeed affect the missions. Geared up for the Bricks TF today. Had 3 blasters, two controllers, defender, scrapper, tanker. I was the leader (35/scrap) and have my difficulty set to invincible. We enter the first mission, and it's all 38 and 39 Paragon Protectors. The tank is one of those that don't wait for the team, plows into mobs, you know the type. So he keeps going even after a number of us die a couple times, and are all agreeing that we need to restart and reset. After the tank aggros everything in a large room, and damn near all the squishies die (one of the blasters leaves), I help him finish the room then inform the team that I'm done, if anyone wants to reset I'll be at Manticore.

We meet back up, get a tank to replace the blaster, and I reset my mission difficulty to hard boiled (with pp's MoGing all over the place didn't want to go any harder). Enter the mission, everything is in the +1 range, with an occasional +2. Much easier, we blow through the TF in a couple hours. In hindsight we could have handled another notch up on the difficulty, but it made it go fast as it was.

So watch what your TF leader has their missions set to before you start. It will save you some time and debt.