January 16th, 2005

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So. The Wonderful Windlacer got to security level 44 tonight, and I got to pick my second Epic Power, Temp. Invulnerability.

In otherwords, after 43 levels of being soft and chewy for all my enemies, I now have...

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Hydra got us again. Total times wipeout:4

We did it twice this time. The first time we got down to the head and were zapped. The second time we managed to destroy the head but the portal'd Rikti ended up slaying us. We were following a guy who said he knew how to do it but obviously didn't.

I think part of our problem was damage output and 9/10ths bad tactics. I learned pretty quickly that my phantom army can keep the heads attention but the leader, earth controller/force, demanded that we attack his targets and he manage the damn head. End result of that is I am sure he maxed his debt bar out in the first encounter alone. I kept trying to explain to him that I thought my idea would work but my tells were unheeded.
So.... I took it upon myself to change things. 6 of the 8 people in the group were in my SG and I told them that if things go south follow my lead. I also sent a tell to the storm/elec defender telling her that same thing. She never replied.
So we get to the head and follow my bad leadership in regards to the generators and ended up with an ass load of rikti. 20 minutes left on the clock and the "leader" hadn't directed enough with tactics to even get the shield off the head.
I took over and started telling my sg what to do. This guy started stating that "it wouldn't work" and that I was goingto get the mission failed. Meanwhile he's running around with his earth pets bringing aggro from all over the place. I kept telling him that the head fires a psychic tornado and we need to spread out to mitigate that damage. Dude wouldn't listen. We brought the shield down and started our attack which was very very simple and actually worked, or would of if he would of just sulked or something.
The 6 people in my SG were now following my lead and the defender was telling us we need to listen to the earth controller. My wife ( storm/energy) and myself ( Illusion/Empath) were going to be the only ones attacking the head. The other 4 people from my SG (Energy/Fire blaster,Empath/Dark defender,Fire/Devices blaster,Spine/Illusion scrapper) were to contain and handle the left over rikti that were still around( the ones that repair the generators and there were a good 10 or so of em) and to handle the Ritki that portal down to save the head.
My plan was simple and worked.
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