January 17th, 2005

Hob Auf!

From a recent Rikti mission

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To clarify, all those guys conned yellow to me, except the probable Headman that was in the bunch. This is what happens when you search a Rikti mission and run by Communications Officer, then leave him to deal with later. To be fair, I fulfilled the typical Scrapper stereotype by jumping in the middle and going to town - I had cleared out two of these groups solo before a fellow SG mate of mine came in to help me search for the stray clickies scattered about the large cityscape outdoor mission.

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I am looking at making an Ice/Kin Controller and was wondering if I could get some insight on Kinetics and Ice Manipulation.

I heard that most Kinetic defenders or controllers do not have a travel power due to using Siphon Speed and Inertial Reduction. Could anyone give me some insight on that? Also, what power pools should I look into getting?

Further, could I get some information on the Ice Manipulation controller power set?

Also, could I have some information on how everyone is slotting their powers and what ones are not worth getting. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! =)

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A strange android from Planet X in the Zed Galaxy, 300 billion light years from earth!


Designed to recreate her inventor's daughter who'd died from an incurable disease through advanced alien light and force projectors!


Sent to Earth in a rocket ship as violent eruptions shook her planet!


Citizens of Paragon City need fear no longer, for now they are watched over by...


Illusion/Force Field controller, Justice server
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Fear not Electric Blasters!

Feeling as though your powerset is gimped? Tired of watching the Fire Blasters destroy everything in sight while you simply make that Freak's mohawk stick up even more? Well now you don't have to worry! When Captain Blaze O' Glory is too old or chubby to fit into the tights, he'll have to push paperwork at an insurance company, forgetting he even has powers. Not you though! You can look forward to an exciting career in construction work! Just look!

Paragon City: Where Even the Construction Workers Have Super Powers


That's it! I'm making an Elec/Elec blaster named "Unemployed Welder"
Happy Cat!!

Ah, City of Heroes...

It started out with a very bad day of work, with me sulking around and not getting much work done, and just kind of trudging through the 9 hours that I had to sit at a desk and do stuff...

And then I get home, grab some grub, load up CofH, meet up with a fellow SG'er, and have myself a good ol' blast. Work is out of sight, out of mind, and I'm feeling great. Sure I had no debt when I started and now I need to work off like 11k, but it's worth it when you play with someone who knows what they're doing and you're able to accomplish some door missions.

Ah, City of Heroes, without you, I'd be forced to play something else that would not nearly be fun at all...

Bah humbug.

The Winter Lords freeze everything in their path, even holiday spirit and goodwill towards supers.

Atomidoc, yesterday's robotic home doctor of tomorrow, ran across two seperate Winter Lords in his travels this evening. Both times he offered full medical services in exchange for any team invite and was completely snubbed. He actually found one of the two Winter Lords himself and told everyone else where to go get it, and was then promptly ignored.

The chances of that healer ever scoring the badge are looking grim.