January 18th, 2005


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Well I just finished a bit of character creation for fun. I started doing themes. I've started a whole story based on Norse mythology for Corporate Thor, Vanadis and 2 new characters Corporate Odin ( Ceo of Asgard corp. ) & Ragnarok Loki ( Ceo of Ragnarok corp. ) I also created the 3 main characters from magic knight rayearth & Kekko Kamen though I had to spell it differently.


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The Leveling Thing

So, Filly's 34.3 now - I made a third of the level over the weekend, in perhaps five hours of play, total. Of that, maybe three hours were actually *trying* to get XP, by grouping. And I died 4 times, twice my Own Damn Fault. :) But I worked off the debt easily enough.

Here's the thing. My first group, which alas! I was only in for about an hour, was awesome. 8 players, lvl 40+ mishes (I was Sk'ed to 39), and totally insane buffs, thanks to 2 Defenders. I could hardly see to shoot, the air was so alive with effects. And the XP flowed like ... like a big, flow-y thing that gives you lots of XP. And the best thing? It was a pickup group. I am no longer leary of the pickup groups. Maybe it's just because if you're higher level, it's harder for you to be a complete kneebiter. I dunno.

Anyway, one thing I don't get is the XP requirements to level in the 30s. Filly has 2.5 million XP, and the level requirement to make 35 is 500,000! Fully one-sixth of her total XP to level. That's a little crazy, and it only gets worse. Which begs the question, why do the Devs adjust both XP for even-con kills and XP to level? It's adjusting two variables where only 1 is really needed, and just makes balancing harder. I wish they'd just say that a white-con minion at every level was 50XP (or whatever) and adjusted the XP-to-level accordingly.

And another thing - Filly (fire/fire blaster) can take orange CoT minions, and up to red Lts (but not Mages of any flavor). I rule the top corner of Founder's Falls with a Flaming Fist. But against other mobs of lower stature (Crey, for instance. Or Nemesis) the going is much tougher. This sucks. I wish there was more uniformity in the abilities of minions - I shouldn't have to concentrate on one faction, 'cuz the other ones own my ass if I try anything.

It makes Filly cry.

OK, I vow never to post again when I'm tired and cranked on caffeine.
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Slotting Advice: Total Focus

I just picked up Total Focus at 38 (Energy/Energy Blaster), and I'm wondering how to slot it.

I've been told that it's a great power when properly slotted. The recommendation I got was 2 Damage, 2 Disorient, 2 Accuracy. It's also intended to be a 'oh crap something nasty in my face gotta deal with it hard' power for me, which means that going 1/3/2 or 2/3/1 is a possibility.

Any ideas?

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Any Ice/Ice blaster builds on here?

A couple weeks ago I built an Ice/Ice blaster and am now at level 22. (all my work, no PL'ing)

I was wondering if any other Ice/Ice blasters had tips on slotting and otherwise? I do read the COH Warcry site and other forums, though I appreciate the advice I get here moreso, hence the redundant and unnecessary questions on my part. :) I'll post my build later if there is interest.

BTW - Freeze Ray kicks ass. I love the holds.
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I've finally done it!

My first alt has finally reached 20! The Powerful Pyrita now has her super hero duds and a cape! WOO!

And yes, of course, that means you all have to suffer through screenshots! :p

In case you're curious, you can see her original outfit here. Basically maroon leather jacket and pants with yellow flames, maroon combat boots and maroon biker gloves. I may change that costume back to black base with red flames, though, or even get rid of the flames altogether.