January 19th, 2005

Quick Change

So, after designing the Scarab Sentinel, I realised that he looks bloody good as he is, and that a cape would be superfluous. I sneered at those folks who spent all that time and energy getting a cape. Of course, that was before I hit 20.

It's insidious. When I got my extra costume slot, a sly voice in my head started going "you know, maybe one slot could be his dress uniform, and the other his daily street outfit." I started noticing how good some other capes looked. And now I have cape envy, dammit! How did that happen?

So, anyone want to help a fella out on a cape mission? :-)
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Non-Power-10 DOs: Update 2 Giveth, Update 3 Taketh Away

So, all of us folks who had characters who depended heavily on "non-power-10" Enhancements (that is, the Enhancements that aren't sold in stores until L25-30) received a major boost when Update 2 went up: we received the ability to buy non-power-10 DOs and SOs from contacts at the same levels we could buy them from stores. Our L10, 15, 20, and 25 contacts would all offer us the non-power-10s so that we could buy non-power-10 DOs at level 12 (the earliest point at which we could slot them, since they started at 15) and SOs at 22, just as we could buy power-10 DOs and SOs at the stores at those levels. We had finally achieved parity.

Well, with update 3, the L10 contacts mysterously stopped selling DOs. There wasn't a word about this in the patch notes, either. And when someone posted about this, the dev Vyvyanne responded, "This is not a bug. It is an intended change. Contacts at level 15 will sell Dual Origin enhancements in thier [sic] stores."

What the heck? I don't get this. What possible rationale could they have for this? What was it hurting for L12 characters to be able to DO up their non-10 powers at the same time as they did their 10s? Why shove it back 3 levels? It's not even as if this will prevent people who really want DOs at that point from getting them; they just have to find someone level 15+ with the right contacts who can buy for them.

Grumble...I sure hope they get enough complaints that they'll reverse this.
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All is vanity...

Well, that was easy. I am now cape guy, having a very snazzy blue and red "insect" cape for the Scarab Sentinel's "dress" uniform.

Seriously though, I'd heard all sorts of horror stories about how tough cape missions were, and I soloed it with ease. I'm playing a level 20 invulnerability tanker, and after loading up with Discipline inspirations and a few Respites, the mission turned into a walk in the park (literally, since the memorial was in Perez). Has it always been that easy?
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Ramblings while in the "Boy Wonder" stage

My primary is 9, going on 10 lvl and the contacts have just started to come in. Was sent in to Perez Park to take out 10 CoT's and well, I'm a Defender... so let's solo! Not like it isn't hard to STUMBLE onto 10 of ANYTHING IN THAT PLACE! Glad I have Stealth and Hover to sneak around some. After two hours of DODO (draw one-drop one) attacks, my next contact sends me to SKYWAY CITY! Um... I'm level 9. The contact for there can't help me yet, and even a lone troll carwhacking was using ME as a napkin!

And last night I come up on one of those Snow Lords.... all alone. 45 seconds later I lose a fight with an ICE TRUCK. Should I just float around in the hallows, sniping on thugs until I get up another level or two? I was thinking maybe I could gather a team of like-levels and different types so we could earn points and learn better group tactics where it isn't cramping a high-level's style.


And of course I'm realizing that my costume isn't to good with a cape....NOW.

Ancillary Power Pools?

I'm sure that someone's posted here about this already, but i didn't see it and didn't see anything in Memories for it either. Could anyone post the details on the 4 powers available in each the Ancillary Power Pools? I already know the names of the pools by AT, and am wondering what is in each of the pools themselves. Thanks!

Ice is Nice

To continue the discussion started yesterday on Ice/Ice builds and slotting. I finally got a chance to test my combo: Ice Patch and Ice Storm.

I use Super Speed and Stealth, which make you invisible as long as you're not attacking. (Nemesis Snipers can still see you.) I get right in the middle of a group of baddies, cast Ice Slick under their feet, cast Ice Storm over their heads, and while they're flopping all over the place, I take out the ones that aren't falling down (if any). It does NOT work against a large group of yellows, found that out first hand. However I've had it work so far on a group of one yellow, two whites and a blue, and I'm sure it would work on slightly larger groups of whites and blues too. Ice Slick is somewhat small for a blaster, though, (controllers Ice Patch is much larger) so I wouldn't use it in groups too large to cluster around you.

Side note, Orange-Con Freak Show Tank Smasher Bosses CONSISTANTLY run away when I use this combo near them. It gives me time to take out any mobs near them, and then focus only on them. Whether or not I actually kill the boss or he kills me generally depends on whether or not I can hold him before he gets a hit in.

But anyway, the combo does work. And now, an amusing picture. Click for larger.

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