January 20th, 2005

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Today I ran into another Snow Lord, and he had a Snow Blight and some little snow broods. Crazy me jumped in to attack the little guys and try to score some points. Suddenly EVERY HERO IN KINGS ROW appearred into the fray! I wiped out 2 little guys and finished off the Snow Blight. The rest toppled the Snow lord... then the snowball fight began. It was . . . cool. I also reached 10th level and registered my own SuperTeam. Say hello to...

THE SINGLE BOUND CLUB! Up, up and away with CRIME!

And we even have our first member, a cutie called Nurse Love! She's also a Magic Defender, so we have a great "coverage plan"! My roomie James is trying to load a CoH version on his laptop so we can team up.

Jump Bind

Several Months ago, someone posted a really great auto jump bind that both set you moving forward and continuously jumping. Someone care to refresh my memory as to what that bind was? Thanks!

Don't call it a comeback

My luck turned completely around last night and I have renewed love for my fellow supers.

Magma logged in and headed to King's Row to clean up an old mission just in time to catch and interrupt a paladin spawn, earning his Knight Errant. It took so long to beat that thing down that I boiled all the water out of the pasta I had on the stove.

Immediately after, someone spotted a Winter Lord spawn, invited me, and teleported me right to it. Now I've got my frosty badge, too. This marked a turnaround from being constantly snubbed and started hours and hours of what I like to think of as The Giant Snow Monster Murder Orgy of 2005. I helped bag about a dozen and came within a hair of picking up two full levels for it. Frankly, brimstone armor + rooted makes Magma a bad mutha of a snowman killing machine.

Thanks to the full revolving team we had on Guardian all evening and the other random supers that were good company for a night of hunting.

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Comic Book Question

I just started playing around a month ago... according to the CoH website since I have a valid account as of the 10th I should be getting thier comic in the mail... about when should I expect to recieve it? I am an avid comic (usually online) person and am looking forward to it =)

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