January 21st, 2005


EMP Pulse Cannon Ready!

I'm About to hit 32 with my blaster/defender(well, two levels, but I can make that in about a week) , and was wondering if EMP Pulse is even worth taking. I mean, the description sounds tempting, but some level 32 powers can be decieving *cough*MoG*cough* And if so, how should it be slotted? I assume with at least 2 or 3 End Red. With 3 Recharges. And again, I thank you for your support.
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So I hit 50 yesterday. Go me!

My main character on Victory, Jade Sphinx (an Empathy/Dark defender) hit the big 5-0 yesterday. It was a very cool moment, since she's the first character I've played in any MMO--including the 3+ years I spent in EverQuest-- that I've ever maxed out.

I even got a snapshot of the occasion:

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Question for the other Defenders around here-- I have a respec left and even though I've had the Psychic Mastery EPP, the fact is I'm around a lot of AoE characters (i.e., I group with Fire Blasters a lot) with Jade, so apart from Mind Over Body, which is brilliant, the set hasn't been able to fully benefit my character. Dark Mastery is out of the question, simply because I tend to be the lone healer in groups a lot of the time and anything that requires me to be in melee range for it to be effective is A Really Bad Idea.

What I'm wondering about is the Power Mastery set. How good is it, really? Will it actually benefit me as an Empath? I already know that if I take it I won't bother with Total Focus, since I'm not a melee character, but what about Power Build Up and Conserve Power?

What are your experiences with the Epic Power Pools? Any and all advice is appreciated. :)
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NW: Lvl24 Ice/Ice Blaster

Here are some screenshots of one of my City of Heroes characters, Negative Winter. He's a level 24 magic Blaster, Ice/Ice.

I just got Ice Patch at level 24. Love the ice patch.

NW equipped with a Freakshow 'disguise'. Not very convincing if you ask me, though the mohawk is a nice touch.

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Mark Waid Talks About City of Heroes

Here's an interview with Mark Waid about his upcoming involvement with the City of Heroes comic book. Poor guy, he's made the fundamental mistake of revealing his character name and server...
Mark Waid - I love the game and spend an absolutely unhealthy amount of time on the Virtue server as GoGo Chex. In fact, it’s getting hard to pull myself away from the game long enough to write the comic!
Now he's gonna be mobbed by fans... :)
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Comic PLers?

Regarding the CoH comic we recieve in the mail...

How did our trio of do-gooders go from fighting Dr. V and the Tsoo in one issue to fighting The Carnival and Matla groups in the next?

Do you think they were PL'd? They damn near jumped 30 levels in one comic! I think we should all send a petition to the Devs reporting these TOS violators!

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Just got the word that one of my stories about the Scarab Sentinel will be featured in issue #10 of the City of Heroes comic book. I am very pleased, as I'm rather proud of it. It's a quiet tale featuring one downside of having super powers.
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Zombies Hate Fast Food

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Yesterday I decided to finally take advantage of the photo hosting service LiveJournal has so graciously given me and upload my favorite CoH screenshots to my scrapbook. Majority of them are of me fighting against the Winter Lords and having my fire/fire tanker being smashed under their feet, but some of them are of me fighting Babbage, one is of the Paladin, and a couple are of me exploring Dr. Vahzilok's new lair. I uploaded them moments before writing this so they are without descriptions, titles, or any sort of organization. Sorry.

Here's the link. If you want to take a peek: Icanumis' ScrapBook
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