January 22nd, 2005


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Mobieus hit 50 tonight.

Thanks to everyone who helped me get there.

Now, for my Kheldian.

I was wondering how to extend Mobieus' name and add something to it to go with the Alien thing.

But then I decided to give him a brother. I was looking for something that could mean the opposite of Mobieus' namesake; being the Mobius Strip - infinity - that sort of thing.

Anyone have any ideas?

Winter Event

They were right.

The Winter Lords are popping up all over the place now.

Since yesterday evening I've helped to take down 6 of them in about two-and-a-half hours playtime so far, and that's after a week or so of seeing about one before that. People don't seem to be nearly as bothered about teaming to defeat them any more - it's more of a case of "Pitch in and collect what exp you can".

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Possibly the most enjoyable part though was last night when, with a new character, I joined up with a team in in Galaxy City and we ran around the zone yelling:

"Giant Snowman Marco!"

"Giant Snowman Polo!"

Ah... good times.
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Task force from hell...

After a series of really good task forces, I finally had one of those hell missions everyone talks about. I got an invite to the Moonfire on Striga. The team makeup should have warned me. Not a healer or defender to be found. The leader lacked... shall we say... maturity. Lot's of complaining. Lot's of "I hate this! I'm quiting!" when he would die (which he did a lot).

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